Buyers Sellers Forex Auto TrendLine System

A trendline is probably the most basic tool in the technical trader’s toolbox. They are easy to understand and can be used in combination with any other tools you might already be using. By definition, a trendline is a line connecting two or more lows or two or more highs, with the lines projected out into the future.Ideally, traders look at these extended lines and trade on prices reacting around them, either trading a bounce of the trendline. .

Buyers Sellers TrendLine System is a trend following system based on the buyers and sellers wit ichi dashboard. This strategy is for trading intraday and for swing trading.

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Time Frame 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 240 min, daily.

Currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY.

Metatrader Indicators:

  • TMS-Stoch Histo
  • Track Signals ( paint bar),
  • SHI Channel True,
  • Ichi 360 V.8.
  • BDP BvS V.3,
  • BvS V.3 Histogram,
  • SDO Dot Sight, (Bands period 20, deviation 2, Power period 13).

Trading Rules Buyers Sellers TrendLine System


Buyers Sellers TrendLine Trading Rules 


Trade only in the direction of the trend following the inclination of the SHI channel true.

  • SHI Channel true up trend,
  • Ichi 360 confirm the direction.
  • SDO Dot Sight line green crosses upward line red.
  • BDP BvS V.3, and BvS V.3 Histogram green color.
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  • SHI Channel true down trend,
  • Ichi 360 confirm the direction.
  • SDO Dot Sight line red crosses upwar ward line green.
  • BDP BvS V.3, and BvS V.3 Histogram red color.


Exit position


Place initial stop loss 10 pips above/below the channel.
Profit Target ratio 1.5 stop loss.

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