How to Trade the Aroon Indicator in Both Trending and Range Markets

How to use the Aroon Indicator – AROON Indicator is great for reading trends, watch as the “Up Line” (Green color line) reaches 80-100 area means a strong uptrend, and watch for the “Down Line” (Green color line) reaches 20-0 area means a strong downtrend. AROON Indicator watches also as they cross each other. It’s[…]

Forex Bulls Power Bears Power Oscillators Trading System

Bulls Power and Bears Power trading system is a forex strategy trend following. The technique was developed by Alexander Elder, and the two indicators involved are called Bulls Power and Bears Power. Elder named the indicator after himself and X-rays, seeing a commonality between the revealing abilities of an X-ray scan and his indicator’s ability to[…]

Heiken Ashi ADX System – Best Forex Trading Strategy for Consistent Profits

Forex trading strategy that actually works –  The majority of retail traders struggle to find out the best trading system and how to be consistently profitable in Forex. This article discusses “Heiken Ashi ADX System“, one of the easiest trend reversal trading systems. Many people had good success with Heiken Ashi and ADX strategy. If you[…]

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