Forex Made Easy – Cynthia’s Exponential MA Forex Trading System

With this scalping system variation a 5 minute chart is used instead of a 15 minute chart. All the Exponentian Moving Averages have been adjusted accordingly.


This enables Cynthia’s stop to be used

With the original, Sonny used the DOTS stop and then moved it up as per his rules.
Cynthia’s stop enables the initial stop, most times, to be closer to the entry and can be used to follow the market to the first target. Some adjustment of the parameters may be needed to suit conditions at the time.
It is recommended to watch the videos involving Sonny as they give a good idea of the market setups needed to make the general method a success.

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Free Download Cynthia’s EMA Trading System :
  • Cynthia’s_Signal_Entry_Stop.ex4
  • Cynthia’s_Target_Stop.ex4
  • CandleTime.ex4
  • Cynthia Trading Template

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