DOWNLOAD Forex Octopus Indicator and Trading System

FREE DOWNLOAD Forex Octopus Indicator and Trading System – The Octopus forex trend indicator draws an histogram below the main trading window. Green bars suggest to look for buy signals. On the contrary, red bar suggest to look for sell signals.

This trend indicator can be used for fx scalping but use it in conjunction with other trading indicators (slow stochastic, rsi, cci,…). For best trading results, use it on the higher timeframe’s (H1, H4 and D1).



You will want to spend a significant amount of time learning and  applying the things you’ve learned to trading. The markets are closed on  the weekends so that provides an excellent window to further brush up  on your trading practices.

There are many websites that offer detailed  trading strategies that you can test on your own through a demo account  with a broker. Learn as much as you can and keep testing strategies. If  you can be profitable in a demo account over the course of three months  then you are probably going to be able to use that strategy live.

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