Dynamic Support Resistance Forex Trading Rules for Today’s Forex Trader

This is Synergy Pro Forex Trading System. Performance engineering for today’s Forex trader! Synergy Pro is like a well-engineered sports car for the trader – an efficiently designed collaboration of hybrid components measuring market dynamics intelligently, adjusting to trader demands with distinct selections and strategies, and performing with engineered probability precision. Sit in the driver’s seat, switch on your choice of strategies, and drive the market with greater potential.

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One thought on “Dynamic Support Resistance Forex Trading Rules for Today’s Forex Trader

  • It would be helpful if there were trading rules for a complex strategy such this. The above page gives only a vague description to: “Switch on your choice of strategies.” What strategies??? Most people will want a system to provide at the very least a basic set of rules, otherwise what’s the point of it! Most of the other systems you have, give some rules. Why not for this?

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