Forex Spectrum Signals For Profitable Scalping and Swing Trading

Forex Spectrum Signals is Profitable Forex Trading System for Scalping and Swing Trading. You can use this system for scalping the 1M or 5M charts. And you can also use it for swing/weekly trading on 4H chart.


Forex Spectrum Installation Steps


Step 1

Copy and paste the indicators ( ex4 files ) to : Windows/Program files/Metatrader/Experts/indicators

And copy the template ( tpl file ) to : Windows/Program files/Metatrader/Templates

Restart Metatrader, and open 1H chart – any currency pair.


Step 2

Right click on chart, choose >> templates >>> template name. here is how your chart
should look like:








Stop Loss and Target Profit

STOP LOSS is the ARROW’s level.


Example :


TARGET : Opposite Signal.


Scalping & Swing Trading


You can use this system for scalping the 1M or 5M charts. And you can also use it for swing/weekly trading on 4H chart.

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Please keep in mind that both trading methods are more risky than the normal intraday trading ( 30M – 1H charts ).

Scalping is suggested for traders with small trading capital. Swing/weekly trading is suggested for traders with larger trading capital.


Protecting Your Investments

There are several ways to protect your investments. By placing limit orders, you guarantee to the best of your ability that you will not lose money on the market and virtually guarantee at least a minimal profit.

However, if you change your mind about those limits, you can always place a stop order. If you leave standing instructions with your stockbroker, these are referred to as open orders that remain such until the transaction is executed and the order filled.

Try to set your limit orders just above the support levels (the lowest levels of value towhich a stock can drop) and just below the level of resistance (the upper level above which it is difficult for the value of a stock to rise).

Also, set a value date – a date at which time you can take an average of the value of a particular commodity and review your options. This should be reviewed at least every six months, if you plan to retain any holdings of a particular security.

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