Forex Trading Psychology: Best Trading System to Reduce Your Emotions

This is the best Forex trading system to reduce trader’s emotions when trading – Dealing with emotions is a very important aspect when it comes to trading successfully and the impact psychology has on your trading decisions can be significant.


As a trader it is therefore very important for you to understand how emotions influence your daily trading and that you find ways how to deal with psychology efficiently.

In this article I will show you a trading system with clear signals so you can reduce your emotions when trading.


Deal With Emotions In Your Trading

Prevention is the first step when dealing with emotions while trading, prevention is the best cure.

How To Deal With Emotions In Your Trading?…

The first answer is….

Find a trading system and strategy that you become comfortable with, that suites your personality and exerts the least amount of emotional capital.


The next question is: What kind of trading system and strategy that you become comfortable with?…

Then the answer is: The easy and simple but with high probability trading system.


The Easy Simple & High Probability System


Trading is an extremely hard way to make a living.

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It is not a ‘job’ in the strict sense of the word but it is a profession and unless you put yourself in a position to succeed by treating it as a business, you are going to find out the hard way how physically, psychologically and economically taxing it can be.

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done but equally, don’t let anyone give you the false impression that this is EASY and that there are SHORTCUTS.


Yes… i agree, it’s not EASY and there are no SHORTCUTS in Forex.

This trading system is very simple and easy to understand and i hope it will reduce your emotions when trading with this system.

This is Heiken Ashi Bollinger Bands Stop System with high probability filter indicators to maximize your winning probability on every single trade.

  • Best Time Frames: H1, H4, and Daily
  • Recommended Currency Pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, GBPJPY


MetaTrader Indicators
  • HBB
  • HBH
  • Moving Average
  • Signal Trend
  • RSI Filter (Histogram)
  • RSI (line)
  • QQE


BUY Rules


  • HBB (BBands Stop) blue color – this is a BUY ONLY condition and don’t  ever think to  Open SELL in this HBB formation
  • HBH (Heiken Ashi candles) blue color
  • RSI Filter (Histogram) blue color
  • RSI line upward and above 50 level
  • QQE New Histo blue color
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SELL Rules


  • HBB (BBands Stop) red color – this is a SELL ONLY condition and don’t  ever think to  Open BUY in this HBB formation
  • HBH (Heiken Ashi candles) red color
  • RSI Filter (Histogram) red color
  • RSI line downward and below 50 level
  • QQE New Histo red color


Trading NOTES

How To Deal With Emotions In Your Trading?…

The next answer is….

There is no universal recipe, it is all very individual. Maybe you should first of all tell yourself that no one is going to kill you in case you lose your money.

Use this trading system or your favorite trading system.

Gradually, the more routine your trading activities the less emotions you will feel.

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