Forex Trend Dominator System with Heiken Ashi, CCI, and MACD Indicators

High Accuracy Forex Trend Dominator System with Heiken Ashi, CCI, and MACD Indicators. The Forex Trend Dominator User’s Manual and complementary accompanying materials were prepared using 100% their best efforts.

Forex Trend Dominator is based on price action and other technical variables to identify new trends in providing fast, accurate and profitable trading signals. It guides you to trade with the trend rather than against the trend. Our system quickly catches weakened trends or reversals quickly, so that you can enter and exit trades with confidence and profits.
Our color coordinated system aims to prevent platform trading chaos that often results in poor trading decisions. Too many indicators and colors often lead to confusion, and alter thinking and decision making.

Forex Trend Dominator System Trading Rules

The system is comprised of indicators with primary colors to promote both brain and eye cognition. Busy charts are too overwhelming for the eyes and brain to quickly make decisions.
Our trading software system serves to alleviate brain and eye overload. It aims for both auditory learners (35%) and visual learners (65% of people) to make better decisions and become successful traders.
The goals: identify the trend, trade with the trend, and take profits before the trend changes. The ‘big’ goal: become a proficient and profitable trader!

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Buy Rules
  • Price Above blue Upward Heiken Ashi candles
  • Price in blue Buy Sell Zones area
  • 3Colors20EMA blue and upward
  • Blue LWMA 5 above blue 3Collor20EMA
  • MW Trend MACD blue and above 0 line
  • Super Woodie CCI green and above 0 line
  • Continuation blue
  • Trend Signals green


Sell Rules
  • Price below red downward Heiken Ashi candles
  • Price in red Buy Sell Zones area
  • 3Colors20EMA red and downward
  • Red LWMA 5 below red 3Collor20EMA
  • MW Trend MACD rede and below 0 line
  • Super Woodie CCI red and below 0 line
  • Continuation red
  • Trend Signals red

If you are new to Forex, please trade using a demo account (not real money) until you feel comfortable. How long does it take to feel comfortable..? The answer is that it varies with each person. It may take some people a few months to feel comfortable trading. Yet, for others, it may be several months. We are all unique individuals.
Please be patient and improve your trading skills. It will be very worthwhile once you are comfortable trading.
It’s important to know which sessions you are comfortable trading. Perhaps you prefer one market session over another due to time, energy, etc. For example, you may be more alert and have more time to focus during the NY Session. Perhaps you only have time to trade the Asian Session or the London Session.

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