Forex WSS ADX Trend Trading : Best Successful M15-M30 Intraday Trading Strategy

Easy Poweful Forex WSS ADX Trend Trading – Best Successful M15-M30 Intraday Trading Strategy. In this post, I will discuss a simple forex intraday trading system that works well on the M15 and M 30 timeframes.


Combining the Average Directional Index or ADX with a Trend Momentum Entry indicator can help you trade breakouts and pullbacks with higher probability.

The ADX is used to qualify and quantify trend strength. The approach and display is very simple. The ADX filter can have very beneficial effects on your trading results.

ADX is the filter we will use to determine whether a down move is worth entering on a sell trade.

ADX will also be used in the same manner to grasp if an up move is worth entering on a buy trade. Either way the ADX will break through 30 to tell us that a strong trend is in play.

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Forex WSS ADX Intraday Trend Trading Rules


ADX Rule : When trading trends, the ADX rises when the trend is strong. When the trend is weak, ADX drops. This table will guide you through translating ADX values to trend strength.

  • Best Time Frame : M15 and M30
  • Recommended Curecy Pairs : All Major Pairs


MetaTrader Trading Indicators


  • WSS Trend
  • ADX (7)
  • Fisher
  • Signal Trend


BUY Rules


  • WSS Trend blue color above 0 level
  • ADX (7) upward above 30 level
  • Fisher green color above 0 level
  • Signal Trend green color
  • Price above EMA line


SELL Rules


  • WSS Trend blue color below 0 level
  • ADX (7) upward above 30 level
  • Fisher red color below 0 level
  • Signal Trend red color
  • Price below EMA line




The ADX allows you to combine the indicators you are already comfortable with to ensure you’re only trading the strongest trends.

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This can keep you out of choppy markets when your objective is letting your profits run on a trend.

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