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Since I developed the Z-20 System, I have been doing a lot of research to make the Z-20 System the EVERGREEN System. Meaning that no matter what the market conditions are, this system should work and provide us a regular income. I was constantly researching and adding different Indicators and testing over a long period.

Eventually I was able to come up with not One but Two Great Systems that will provide you with a Regular Income. I have added a few Filters and also added 3 more pairs and there has been a slight modification. These Filters do a great job. They help us pick the correct direction of the trade and Filter off Fake Signals.

The aim of the First System is to get 20 pips of profits on each pair thus making profits of upto 80 pips a day. But its upto you how many pairs can you manage and how much you want to earn. Add one more Monitor to your computer and trade 8 pairs instead of 4 and make 160 pips Profit instead of 80 pips daily. Its all upto you, the 4 Trillion Market is open for all.

I shall also be holding Mentoring Program spread over 10 Trading Days, where you will learn all the Secrets of Forex Trading. Once you learn the Ropes then there is no turning back. You will become a Trained, Successful and highly Profitable Forex Trader. Earn as much Money as you want, whenever you want.


Z-20 System Indicators

OK here is the first system that has Filters as shown below in the chart. This Chart shows 6 days of trading and I am going to show you each day separately and explain in detail. The Indicators that we use to show us the correct direction of the Market and Filter out bad Trades are as follows:

  1. Support and Resistance
  3. ZWinner RSI
  4. Zwinner CCI


Here is the chart for Tuesday. Here too I have placed the Yellow Vertical Line outside the red box. This is our Entry Time. The Broker’s Server Time is 06:00 am but its 07:00 in the morning here in UK and 08:00 am in Frankfurt, Paris and other countries in Central Europe.This is the time when the European markets open and the Tokyo market has 2 hours left to close. In New York its 02:00 am in the night. So this is the time when the Market starts breaking the Asian Consolidation. We take advantage of the fact that the Market will go one way or the other.

We have thus placed our Indicators to guide us which way the Market is most likely to go.

In the chart below you will find the White Support Line at the Low of the red box, giving us indication of the Market going up. This is also confirmed by the ZWINNER TREND INDCATOR and The CCI going above the 50 level and the RSI is already above 50 level and rising towards 60 level.

Please note that there is white candle prior to the one with the Yellow Vertical Line. That candle was going down and had it crossed below the red box we would not have taken a Short trade as all the indicators are pointing up to go Long. We would consider that as a Fake Signal. Here again we get our 20 pips within the next two hours.


Here is a Trade taken on the next day, Wednesday. Here too I have placed a Yellow Vertical Line on our Entry Candle. You can clearly see that there is a Yellow Resistance Line, indicating that the Market is going down, the ZWINNER TREND INDICATOR is also Red The RSI has gone below 50 and the CCI is already below 50 level. All indicators are showing strong downward Market. So we place only Sell Order and get our 20 pips within the first hour.


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This is the trade that I took on Thursday. I doubled my Lots size as I saw the Yellow Resistance line very close to the candles. Whenever you see the Support or Resistance lines very close to the candles, in this case right inside the Red Box, you can safely double or even trebble your lot size and gain a much higher profit. All other Indicators are also confirming a strong movement to the downside.


On Friday there are no support or resistance lines near by. But there is a Yellow Resistance Line on the previous days Chart and after that there is no Support Line. We now look at the other Indicators that we have in place. If you look carefully you will notice that all indicators are pointing downwards, this tells us to go Short only. So on Friday as well we get our 20 pips profit within the next two hours.


The following Monday we see that the Market stayed within the Consolidation for another 4 hours. Mondays are normally Dodgy days. Here we see the white Support Line below the red box. The RSI and the CCI are also pointing down but the candles are contained within the Blue Box. After about four and a half hour, we see one candle breaking the blue box and go up.

We got the Buy Signal on a candle before this one. The CCI came above the 50 level, the RSI also pointing up and just about to cross the 50 level, so we place a Buy Order and then after another 2 hours, we get our Profit target of 20 pips.


You would appreciate how eazy I made it for you all to first find out the direction of the Market and then trade in that Direction. Make sure you follow the Rules if you wish to become a Successful Trader. Also plan your Trades. Money management too is very important. Never risk more than 2% of your account size on each trade.

You can trade 4 to 6 pairs at a time, such as EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, EUR/GBP, USD/JPY. EUR/USD and EUR/JPY are the Best Pairs to trade.



Sometimes you may find that your Trade goes 15 to 19 pips in Profit and then starts coming back. Please make sure that you take at least 10 pips of profit while the Market is retracing. Do not leave your Profits on the table and end up losing the trade instead. No need to be Greedy and give up your Profits.

If you wish I can send you a Trailing Stop EA that will make sure you at least make some money instead of losing any. Once you place your Trade, you can then place the Trailing Stop Robot. It will start Trailing from 5 pips of profits onwards.



As the Market conditions change so do we have to adapt our Strategy accordingly. Sometimes there are big Spikes and to avoid getting stopped out through Spikes we need to change our Stop Loss Strategy.

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As from today we are going to place our Stop Loss at Yesterdays High if we are Short and Yesterdays Low if we are Long. I know sometimes the Stop Loss will be very high but it will rarely hit it. Chances of getting stopped out will reduce a lot.



Here is a slight amendment to our Take profit.
Once your order is filled in, turn your chart to the Daily Time Frame and observe which way is the Trend. If the Trend is up and you have taken a Short Trade, its most likely that the market may reverse and you may not get 20 pips, therefore aim for 10 pips only.

You need to be very vigilant because you are trading against the trend. As soon as you see the market reversing, exit immediately with whatever profit you can get. This will ensure your trade does not turn into a loss. Similarly if the Trend is down and you have taken a Long Trade, just aim for 10 pips instead of 20. The best thing to do is to bring your stop to 10 pips profit once you see the Market going above 10 pips.



Here is a slight amendment to our Stop Loss.
If yesterdays High or Low is almost at the same level as todays high or low, then you need to have some room. Therefore your Stop Loss has to be at least 40 pips away from your Entry Price, if you are trading in the same direction of the Daily Trend. To check the Daily Trend, turn your chart to Daily Time Frame and observe.

If you are Counter Trend Trading then the chances of the Market retracing back is very high, so you do not want to give away too many pips in losses. Therefore you should place your stop in the Middle of the Blue Box as long as the Blue Box is at least 20 pips. If the box is smaller than 20 pips then you need to place your stop loss at least 10 pips away from the entry, preferably 15 pips, so that if the Market retraces you lose only 10 to 15 pips and then go on to recover your loss by entering at the opposite end and making 20 pips profit.



If the Red Box Size/Range is more than 60 pips and the Signals are against the Daily Trend, It is a NO TRADE DAY. Do not trade Counter Trend, as its most likely that the Market may Reverse and you may incur a big loss.

Its better not to trade than to incur a loss. If the Red Box is 60 pips and the Signals are in the same direction of the Daily Trend, do take the trades in the direction of the Daily Trend. The Success of your Trading depends on Making the Trend as your Best Friend.#



It is the News that moves the Currency Markets, nothing else. Therefore it is very important to open the Forex Factory Site before you commence trading. Make a Note of the time the Economic Data are being released and Plan your trades accordingly.

Supposing you have Short Signals and the Daily Trend too is Down, naturally you would go short and if the News is due within the next 5 minutes, keep an eye on the Data going to be released.

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If the Data release is bad for the currency then stay Short and if the Data comes out good for the Currency then immediately exit if you are in Profit and wait for the next Signal. When you see the Candle going above the Blue Box, enter the Market, Long. This may be the turning point for the Trend from Short to Long.

Also look at the next few day’s News releases, if the expectations are good then definitely this is the turning poing for the Currency’s Daily Trend.



We are trying to make our system better than before and much more profitable, hence you see so many updates. As the UK Time changed back to GMT, the market sentiments also changed, therefore we need to change our System too accordingly.

We used to start with the Europen Open at 07:00 GMT and we were quite profitable until the UK Time changed back to GMT. Since then the European Breakouts have been giving fake breakouts and our Profits have been affected.

Therefore it is necessary for us to abandon the European Breakout until the Day Light Saving Time next year and start our trading with the London Open. Since reverting back to GMT we have been noticing that the Markets Reverse back after London Open and our trades drift against us. In order to achieve many many profitable trades, we need to change our trading start time to 08:00 GMT.

Please move your Period Begin and Period End one hour forward so that the first candle that you get outside the Red Box is at 08:00 GMT This means that you will be trading one hour later, i.e. 08:00 GMT, 03:00 Eastern Time.

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