Half Trend Forex Swing Trend Following Trading System Filtered by Long Term and Medium Term Parabolic Indicator

ForexWOT.Com-WeeklyTrendD1Trading ( Super Effective and High Profits D1 SWING Trading Strategy). How to successfully swing trade the markets? This is Highly effective Forex Swing Trend Following Trading System Filtered by Long Term and Medium Term Indicator.


Let me tell you why I think swing trading is more practical than intra-day, short-term and scalping.

Alright! Swing trading; while it may be using big stops, it is safer than hourly / intra-day trading for couple reasons in my view.

  • Increased profit and ability to ride big moves / trends
  • Trading with the trend always (even if I do a mistake, the market will correct it)
  • Less time viewing of charts and i do not have to monitor charts every hour
  • I believe that anything less than 4-hr timeframe is a “joke”.. too choppy
  • I can’t deny though that 1-hr charts are perfect for exits / re-entering

So think of it this way first. What do we need to make big pips?

We need to ride big moves in the direction of the trend and secure as many pips as we can from that move.

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This is going to be long, so we need to arrange stuff.


ForexWOT.Com-WeeklyTrendD1 Trading Rules

ForexWOT.Com-WeeklyTrendD1Trading is a swing trend following system filtered by long term and medium term indicator.

  • Best Time Frame : 240 min or daily
  • Currency pairs : any.


Metatrader Trading Indicators

  • Accelerated Awesome 4 color nmc
  • AdvancedParabolic_v2.2
  • DST_WeeklyTrend (optional)
  • Rvi on jurik cfb adaptive correct

BUY Rules


  • AdvancedParabolic_v2.2 WEEKLY green color below candles
  • AdvancedParabolic_v2.2 DAILY green color below candles
  • Ichimoku Tenkan-Sen upward above green AdvancedParabolic_v2.2 DAILY
  • Accelerated Awesome 4 color nmc green color and above 0 level
  • Rvi on jurik cfb adaptive correct upward


SELL Rules


  • AdvancedParabolic_v2.2 WEEKLY red color above candles
  • AdvancedParabolic_v2.2 DAILY red color above candles
  • Ichimoku Tenkan-Sen downward below red AdvancedParabolic_v2.2 DAILY
  • Accelerated Awesome 4 color nmc red color and below 0 level
  • Rvi on jurik cfb adaptive correct downward


EXIT Rules

  • Exit at the opposite arrow or ratio 1.2 initial stop loss or traling stop that depends by time frame and currency pairs. Initial stop loss on the previous swing.
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I do not believe that trading systems have to be complicated and you got to wait for 5 indicators at least to line up to enter a trade.

Actually, the only difference is that you will have to switch manually between 4h, d, w, mn to view the trend status.

But from experience, this ForexWOT.Com-WeeklyTrendD1Trading  is enough if you have the required patience and discipline to trade markets.

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