High Probability Forex Trend Session Channel Trading System and Strategy

FREE DOWNLOAD High Probability Forex Trend Session Channel Trading System and Stratgy – This is an advanced forex trading system… so you have to understand a couple of basic forex knowledge.


What is ‘Price Channel‘?… The price action contained between two parallel lines in a trend. In a price channel, the lower line is the trendline drawn on pivot lows, and the upper line is the channel line drawn on pivot highs.

The two lines of a channel represent support and resistance.

In an uptrend, for instance, a trade might be entered at the support of the trendline  and exited at resistance of the upper channel line.

Channels show trend direction for any time frame. Trend, or price channels, can be up, down or sideways.


Forex Trend Session Channel Trading Rules


Trend channels are very useful tools in the Forex world as correct analysis can help you in correctly determining where your entry point or exit point of a trade should be.

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Although regular trend lines are able to demonstrate the direction that the price is moving, trend channels allow you to clearly see where the currency is trading at that particular point in time in comparison to the overall trend and direction.


BUY Rules


  • Channels show UpTrend
  • Trend Session Indicator green color bars
  • AFL Winner green (When the momentum bar hits 11 level to 95 level (starting from 2 level) — the market players are done pushing the price higher)
  • FSP Aggresive Entry green color
  • RSI line UpWard above 50 level
  • Price above Tenkan-Sen line
  • Signal Trend green bars


SELL Rules


  • Channels show DownTrend
  • Trend Session Indicator red color bars
  • AFL Winner red (When the momentum bar hits 95 level to 11 level — the market players are done pushing the price lower)
  • FSP Aggresive Entry red color
  • RSI line DownWard below 50 level
  • Price beloaw Tenkan-Sen line
  • Signal Trend red bars
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Trading Note

When the FSP is blank and all is red then short. What this means –You are beating the rest of the market before it takes a serious drop and vice versa for going long a pair.

Now, when FSP display first then the other indicators, those are normally your best trades because the market is pushing the pair before the insiders.

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