Highly Profitable Forex Trend Momentum Trading System and Strategy for Intraday Trading

Aroon up down is a trend momentum system for intraday trading. We have a combination of trend indicators with momentum indicators.

Time Frame: 60 min, 30 min.
Markets: Currency pairs and Index.


  • Aroon up & down indicator (14 period),
  • RSI( relative strength index 14 period),
  • ADX(Average Directional Movement Index 14 period) ,
  • S-ROC(Smooth -Rate Of Change 13, 21 ) ( install also roc-c)
  • Bollinger Band Stop (14:2),
  • Pivot Point
Extra Indicators:
  1. GG trend bar for know each frame direction of the market (red down trend ,green up trend ,yellow range market) Tips (optional): trade only when H1 H4 D1 are in the same direction.
  2. and AIMS box ( if signal is inside box and box is big we can take signal, if box is small and signal is inside maybe better to wait breakout)
  3. Matrix ACRA (formed by CCI ADX, RSI, Aroon created by Tecnobyte).
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Trading System Rules


BUY Entry Rules
  1. Aroon up cross above Aroon down and is above 70 level.
  2. Bollinger Band stop blue dot,
  3. ADX>20 and +DI cross above -DI,
  4. Roc dodger blue bar (optional),
  5. Matrix ACRA 3 blue square.


SELL Entry Rules
  1. Aroon down cross above Aroon up and is above 70 level.
  2. Bollinger Band stop red dot,
  3. ADX>20 and -DI cross above +DI
  4. Roc Red bar (optional),
  5. Matrix ACRA 3 blue square.


Exit Position
  • Make profit on the pivot point ((S3,S2,S1,pivot ,R1,R2,R3),
  • Initial Stop loss is on the previous swing.

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