High Profits Forex Intraday Trend Following Trading System and Strategy

Forex Intraday Trend Following Trading System – The key to this simple trading system and strategy is the search direction of the day as a filter.

Best Time Frame : H1,
Markets : Forex, Commodities.

  • White line is the priceline.
  • Gold line is the brekline.
  • Dodgerblue/Deep Pink is the Cycle line.
  • Blue Crimson is the trend line.
  • Golden Gunsight is the hig channel determinant.

Trade Signal is given the Price line crossing the Cycle line and confirmed by the candles turning blue or red.
Watch the color of the trafficlight ring as it shows which direction the pricelline is in relation to daily open. As a rule of thumb you do not want to be trading against the ring color.

  • White price line aboove the green daily open line = Direction Up ( Aqua ring).
  • White price line below the green daily open line = Direction down ( magenta Aqua ring).


SELL and BUY Examples




Forex Intraday Trading


Forex intraday trading strategy maybe not really a main attention for traders, especially for traders who prefer weekly or daily charts for trading. Some people said that intra day trading for forex will make higher risks than other types of forex trading markets, also not really effective to get money in the best result.

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But actually, intra day trading model is not about play how to lose or get money, it’s not even a game after all. Same like other trading types, you can get profit from this type as long as you have good strategy and enough preparation. But how to make the best yet profitable way for forex intra day trading…? Here are some tricks and tips before you want to invest in intra day trading for forex.

  1. Don’t try intraday trading for forex only to get instant result or easy profit because actually all forex trades come with same result about profit and risks. Of course you will get more instant access but in other side you also will get higher risks about this kind of trading.
  2. Positions held in intraday trading might be only in instant time such as a couple of days or weeks, but that means you need to smart and selective to place and read the positions before trade your money.
  3. There are some intraday trading reviews and analysis if you want to learn more about this type of trade. You can find it for free on Youtube or by reading some articles on financial webs. Read reviews and analysis will help you much before you take real acts.
  4. The key of forex intraday trading is about how right you can read signals and position, also about your specific technique when you do forex intraday trading. If you think you can’t think or decide it by yourself, make sure to get help from professional or experts to support your money investment.
  5. One of the most important points about intraday trading strategy is not to take a big risk in the very first time. Make sure to discuss with your financial expert before you take a big action and invest your money in trading
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Overall, with good preparation, plan and strategy about forex intraday trading, we totally guarantee you will get the best result too. Just make sure you arrange the perfect strategy to invest your money so you won’t lose it or get big risks about it. If you think you need to learn basic knowledges and details about forex market, it can be the best recommendation to do. Good luck and wish you get the best achievement in forex trading market!



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