Foreign Exchange Markets – Highly Accurate QQE Smoothed D1 Forex Trading System

Highly Accurate D1 Forex Trading System –  The Qualitative Quantitative Estimation (QQE) indicator works like a smoother version of the popular Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator.

QQE expands on RSI by adding two volatility based trailing stop lines.  These trailing stop lines are composed of a fast and a slow moving Average True Range (ATR).  These ATR lines are smoothed making this indicator less susceptible to short term volatility.
The most common method of using QQE is to look for crosses of the fast and slow moving trailing stop lines during periods when the QQE line reflects overbought or oversold conditions.
QQE Smoothed trading is a great idea for trading in forex market. This idea  is based on the QQE Smoothed and on the RVI CFB adaptive indicator. The setup is very aggressive. You can add the filters of the trend for a conservative appoach.

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Time frame 15min or higher. BEST Time Fareme is D1 (Swing Trading)


Metatrader Indicators
  • QQE Pcm smoothed (5, 14, 0,   5);
  • RVI On Jurik cfb adaptive with oversold levels (-0,2 – 0,3) and overbought levels ( 0,2  0.3).
  • TriggerLines


QQE Smoothed Trading Rules


  • RVI On Jurik cfb adaptive is below -0.2 level and cross upward.
  • QQE Pcm smoothed crosses upward.
  • TrigerLines are green and upward
  • RVI On Jurik cfb adaptive is above 0.2 level and cross downward.
  • QQE Pcm smoothed crosses downward.
  • TrigerLines are red and downward


Exit position when the QQE PCM Smoothed crosesses in opposite direction or with profit target predetermined.
Conservative approach add two exponential moving average anf trading only in the direction of the trend. In the example there are EMA 11 and EMA 25.
You can also use other indicats of the trend.



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