How to Generate $3500 or More in ONE MONTH Alone with Etoro

Yes, I’ll share with you EXACT strategy to generate $3500 or more in ONE MONTH alone, and yes – You only need to work on this just 4 hours in total (1 hour every week)!

Question: How to get extremely wealthy? As wealthy as Warren Buffett for example?

Answer: By using Money to Make More Money!

Warren Buffett didn’t open a B&M shop or a fast food restaurant chain, no – he used the money to invest in financial instruments, such as forex, stocks,  or shares.


Many people have always been interested in such financial markets, forex, stock trading and generally, in “using the money to make more money” concept.

But, I realize that day trading is not for all peoples:

  • It was a very boring way of spending your day, glued to PC;
  • It was very stressful;
  • Potential earnings were some way limited, at least for novice traders.

Since I receive many comments asking about the best ways to trade the market and break free from salary-dependency and making “BIG MONEY”, I have decided to share with you some money making tools that I discovered in the last few months.


Making “BIG MONEY”

As a trader, trading system developer, and writer, I am always on the lookout for both scams as well as honest, modern, interesting methods that people are using to make money in unconventional ways.


When I stumbled upon an eToro and learned that some of its users were generating sums of more than $3500 per month, I decided to investigate further…

First of all, let’s establish the most important concept in breaking free from the SALARY DEPENDENT, hand-to-mouth way of living: make YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU!

As opposed to a salary, which you have to put in hours of physical and intellectual labor in order to produce, or a product which you must buy and then sell – money can passively work for you 24/7.

More specifically, money invested in financial instruments, like forex, stocks or bonds, are working day and night, making more money (hopefully) as we speak.

As you can clearly see the picture above, MarianoPardo (trader’s nickname) has a proven track record of profitable trades making more than 30% yield over last 12 months.

As a trader and, I’m very familiar with Forex market. I myself have dabbled in day trading, but it proved to be a bit too commitment-heavy for me.

But let’s be honest, to be a successful day-trader you need to be glued to a computer screen for all hours of the day in order to make decent profits.


Regardless, I am always on the lookout for interesting “passive income” opportunities – ways for individuals to take some savings, invest, and multiply them with minimal intervention on my part.

While perhaps better than storing money away in a savings account at your local bank, I soon learned that the Return on Investment (ROI) for the safest and reliable stocks and mutual funds was still VERY LOW.


While the associated risks were also low, the potential profits were simply not worthwhile: 5% per year, for example.

Thanks to the digital revolution, almost anyone with a computer, anywhere in the world, can trade stocks, bonds, commodities or currencies (forex) and get a piece of the action.

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But despite the ease with which anyone can trade nowadays, the truth is that most people go into the market WITHOUT the key KNOWLEDGE that is required for making a profit: when to BUY, when to SELL.

That’s why, when getting involved with any financial market, the experience is invaluable.

The financial markets are volatile and constantly fluctuating.

A war in the Middle East, a major bank going bankrupt, a new trade agreement between countries – all of these events affect the VALUE OF A MARKET.

An experienced trader will know how to predict and react to market-changing events, and HOW TO STAY PROFITABLE.

The top-earning traders have been at it for years, through thick & thin.

And of course,

…the best kind of experience isn’t gained by reading a book, by watching some YouTube videos, but by jumping into the market and trading in real-time.

You would have to spend years upon years on practicing these skills and even then, there are NO GUARANTEES that YOU’LL SUCCEED.


Plus it’s a well-known fact that it takes a lot of NERVES and GRAY HAIR to become a TOP Trader – be it Currencies, Stock markets or Betfair – principles stay the same for all Marketplaces.

At this point you should say – so, what’s the point in doing all this? EXACTLY!



Let’s be honest, chances are very slim that you could become a Professional Online Trader BUT here’s the good news – you DON’T HAVE TO!

The day when I found eToro really changed the way I look at Online Trading!

What’s eToro and what’s so special about it?


Why eToro is Different

Founded in 2007, eToro is the world’s leading social trading platform.

eToro is the best Social Investment Network. It acts as a middleman between traders by creating special online platform and software so that whole trading process is straightforward.

It acts as a middleman between traders by creating special online platform and software so that whole trading process is straightforward.

These days, anyone, with as little as £100 can open an account and start trading on eToro.

The currency buying/selling process is so simple and visually appealing that a child could perform a trade!

Just take a look at eToro’s screenshot below:

etoro trading platform

The simplicity of these Trading platforms is the number one reason why online trading is so popular these days.

Tens of millions of “normal” people are trading online nowadays, from the comfort of their homes.

There are dozens upon dozens of different websites and eToro alone attracts more than 5 million users.

eToro is a Social Investment Network that connects traders on its online platform. It’s similar to Facebook, only for traders and investors.

A novice trader can open an eToro account with as little as $100 and begin trading immediately.

eToro makes the trading learning process technically and visually SUPER-SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD.


What sets eToro apart is its unique, strategically valuable features like ‘eToro Open Book’ and ‘eToro Copy Trader’.

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What is ‘eToro CopyTrader‘?…

This feature allows you to sort through other users and plainly see their trading history, including how much they have made or lost over any given period. If you find someone you like the look of, you can allocate some funds to automatically copy their trades.

With ‘eToro CopyTrader‘ feature, however, online trading has become a breeze, even for relative novice traders.

When I saw this first time, I thought – WOW (!!!), this is such a good idea!


I knew that chances of becoming a profitable trader for most of the novice traders are very slim and it would take long years, wasted down the drain if it didn’t work out at the end of the day!

Why spend years on learning this stuff when you can simply copy what BEST OF THE BEST are doing?


Would you spend years trying to learn how programming works to create a shopping cart? Or simply buy Open Cart, 3D Cart or any other pre-made shopping cart systems?

And eToro offers just that – opportunity to copy exact trades best traders are carrying out.

And this is the core concept for my system: Copy Best Traders on eToro to Make Profit WITHOUT actually doing any trading on my part!


The idea has a very simple and straightforward reasoning – to follow absolutely BEST traders and earn money from their experience and trading skills.

As a novice traders, if these top traders couldn’t make you profit in long term, there’s no chance you could do it on your own, right? EXACTLY!

So with this strategy, absolutely anyone, anywhere in the World, even without any experience with Currency Trading should be able to show a long term profit.

Neat isn’t it? Instead of wasting months on training and reading boring financial books, eToro allows you to copy the BEST of the BEST!


Getting Started

Before you deposit, you can sign up for a practice account with $10,000 to trade with. That should help you get acquainted with the platform without risking a dime.

signup etoro

Signing up to eToro and Open Book is absolutely free – no monthly or recurring fees.

You will pay only small commissions on the real trades you make.

Once you become an EXPERT TRADER, you will also benefit from commissions (rewards) based on the number of users copying you.

This rewards users based on how many copiers they have in the form of monthly commission (up to $10,000 a month!).


The better an expert produces for others, the more money he or she makes.

The business model is beneficial all around, unlike many schemes that can be found online, which take advantage of users.

Obviously you will need to deposit money into you eToro account in order to start trading with real money – as little as $50 to start out with.

The site lets you use credit/debit cards, PayPal, wire transfer and other popular payment methods.

It’s good to know that the larger the amount you deposit, the more experts you’ll be able to copy.

Do not put all eggs in one basket…!!!

If you insist on depositing a minimum of $100, then you can only follow one expert for the time being (and this is a bit risky).


Therefore I recommend you invest at least $500 in order to follow 5 different traders (thereby spreading your risk to 20% for each expert trader you find and then copy).

The more diversified your portfolio of followed expert traders is, the less vulnerable you will be to any individual trader’s performance.

$4,000 eToro First Time Deposit Bonus

It’s important to mention that eToro offers you bonus credit on first time deposits! – the more you deposit the more you get! (up to $4,000 first time deposit bonus).

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Remember…! this credit applies only to first time deposits, make sure you use this promotion and get most out of your initial deposit.


Once you have opened an account and deposited some money, it’s time to find traders you want to copy!

If you trade with an initial sum of $500, earning 10% ROI every month – after five years your account will be worth over $150,000!


However, if you kept that same investment and added an extra $500 a month for five years with the same 10% monthly ROI – your final account balance would be worth more than $1,750,000.

This is the magic of compounding when accompanied by sound investing practices and a good dose of patience.

A good long-term goal is to achieve 10% monthly yield with as little risk involved as possible.


How to Generate $3500 or More in ONE MONTH Alone with Etoro?….

It’s Extremely Easy…!!!

With eToro, those 10% profits every month, when left to earn more money, can become GIANT SUMS.

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