How To Improve Your Forex Trading Result with BBands Stop and MACD

This is one of the best trading systems to improve your Forex trading result with BBands Stop and MACD. This BBands Stop indicator is a modification of Bollinger Bands ®. It can be used for detecting a trend change, as well as for setting stop orders. It is quite descriptive and easy to use.


The BBAnds Stop indicator changes its color when the chart crosses Bollinger Bands showing trend reversal on the market.

  • Green color dots are for BUYING, Orange color ones are for SELLING.
  • Stop-losses are set above/below the dots.

The indicator shows good results during a trend but starts to give false signals in case of a flat. Therefore, it is recommended to use this indicator together with some other, filtering indicators.

MACD indicator is a good indicator, especially for the new traders who have not built their discipline yet. Among the lagging indicators, I like MACD more than the others. Below is custom MACD indicator we use in this trading system.

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MACD is a good indicator especially for those who suffer from entering and exiting too early.

MACD helps you build your disciple because you see some signals on the charts, but you don’t enter because MACD says “WAIT”, and you enter the market because MACD says “SELL or BUY”.


ForexWOT BBands Stop and MACD Trading Rules


ForexWOT BBands Stop and MACD Trading Strategy designed for H1 and H4 trading and will be clear even to the beginner.

  • Best Time Frames: H1 and H4
  • Recommended Currency Pairs: any


MetaTrader Trading Indicator
  • VBBS V1.0 (Bollinger Bands Stop indicator)
  • Signal Trend
  • X2 MACD X
  • William’s Percent Range


BUY Rules


  • Price upward and above Green VBBS V1.0 1, VBBS V1.0 2, and VBBS V1.0 3
  • Williams’ Percent Range upward above 50 level
  • X2 MACD X indicator says “BUY”
  • Signal Trend Green color bars


SELL Rules


  • Price downward and below Orange VBBS V1.0 1, VBBS V1.0 2, and VBBS V1.0 3
  • Williams’ Percent Range downward below 50 level
  • X2 MACD X indicator says “SELL”
  • Signal Trend Red color bars
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EXIT Rules
  • Stop-losses are set above/below the dots of VBBS V1.0 1  for short term trading, VBBS V1.0 2 for the medium term, and VBBS V1.0 3 for the long term.
  • Take Profit : Initial Stop Loss ratio 2:1 or 3:1

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