How to Make 1-2% a Day Trading Forex with an Account Size of £200 – £500

Can you make 1-2% a day trading forex ?… This is a very common question, made even more popular by false advertisement. You CANNOT make 1%-2% daily profit no matter how much money you trade with. It is not feasible.

Traders might reach that level on a specific day or period, but it may not be seen as a regular outcome. There are too many variables, and those are out of one’s control: flow, interest rates, macroeconomics, etc.

Forex is a market for pros and/or for those with a little knowledge looking to hedge their bets in other markets and asset classes.

You CANNOT make 1%-2% daily profit no matter how much money you trade with. It is not feasible.


You Can Earn 2% to Day, But…

From my experience you can earn given 2% of let’s say $1000 which is about $20.

But then you may not be able to earn $20 consistently everyday.

To be honest by giving yourself a target to meet everyday is extremely stressful especially when u made a loss on a particular day. The loss would be brought forward to the next day with the mindset that you would need to earn back twice to meet the target of $20/day. This could affect your trading emotions and judgement, worse it could make you impulsive.

I myself used extremely high leverage (x400) with a trade of using $125 if I’m lucky I could earn over 200% each trade on well trending market.

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But my trading is flawed when it comes to a correction that happens to drop over 50 pips. Using x400 leverage my trade would be 100% gone when more than 25pips is down.


The Long Run Trading Game

So in my opinion the trading game should be trading in a long run. There are plenty strict regimes online that I should follow but I didn’t. You should stick to a strategy and use it consistently even when you make some losses at times.

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Always reflect when you make a loss. It’s ok to lose when you know how you lost it, it would add up to your experience in trading.

Also to make sure you are emotionally ready to make the next trade. Don’t overthink things but to think with clarity.

Do plan ahead to make sure that you wouldn’t miss out any details that would affect the market when you trade.

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