How To Make Money Trading Forex Without any Investment

How can I make money trading Forex without any investment?.. Simple answer is: You CAN’T make money trading forex without ANY investment. You have to understand what trading forex is 1st.

How To Make Money Trading Forex Without any Investment

Forex trading is taking your currency and exchanging it for another. How could you exchange money without first having that money? You can’t unless you stole it.

If you would ask how can you start trading without any investment, I would tell you two methods: get a welcome bonus with a reputable broker or borrow some money. Both of these are very bad decisions, yet they exist.

If you would ask how to make money by trading, I would tell you about studying a lot, making a demo account, trading with small lots only for educational purposes, monitor other experienced traders, learn to control the emotions, find a reputable broker, and so on.

So, in theory, you can start trading without money by getting a bonus. But this does not mean you will make money. In fact, at a practical level, it seems impossible.

I see an answer here presented the $500 bonus as a solution. However, I don’t believe it. You should not expect that there are brokers out there who are so glad to give you $500. Read some lines from the terms and conditions:

  • The Company reserves the right to cancel bonus.
  • Profit received from trading with the $500 bonus is available for withdrawal only after completing certain amount of trading operations on the replenished real account: For every $5 of your profit made on bonus account to become your asset, you must trade 1 lot (100 lots on the account type Micro).
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So, you can’t take your profits (in case you made them, which is almost impossible in 7 days) without making a deposit. It’s simply a marketing trick and there is no sense to believe in such stories.

Borrowing money is a theoretical method, but I would not advise anyone to do it.

So if you want for real, there is no to make money in Forex just so, out of thin air. In fact, even if you invest your hard earned money, there probability that you will lose it is higher.

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I hope this was informative!

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