How to Profit and Make Money Trading Forex With BBand Stop Trend Following System Based on The Combination of Trend Filter Indicators

HIGH PROFITS Forex Trend Following Trading System – How to Profit and Make Money Trading Forex With Trend Following System Based on The Combination of Trend Filter Indicators. ForexWOT BBand Stop Trend Trading is a trend following system based on the combination of trend filter indicators.


This system is designed to make trading easier for the average person and professional trader, and see a real market picture to help you to be a Super Successful Forex Trader.

Many people have had questions about repaint and non-repaint indicators of the system.

I can say that do not worry about this type of indicators. The important thing is how to read the indicator itself.

If you find non-repaint indicator, you will get it as flat or lagging or late. Vise versa. Because indicator is based on prices,moved by prices.

There is no perfect system/indicator provide the real signal.

The real signal is price itself.

That’s why I combined 8 indicators to collaborate them and providing the best probability of profitable signals.


ForexWOT BBand Stop Trend Trading Rules


The majority of losers actually believed that they could predict the future …

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However, if everybody knew everything, prices would never have been a surprise and markets would be non-existent. Don’t get into guessing.


BUY Rules


  • BBands Stop indicator green color
  • Heiken Ashi candles blue color
  • Joker Filter green bars
  • Trend Direction green bars
  • CCI line upward and above 0 level
  • RSI line upward and above 50 level
  • EMA  10 line upward and above EMA 50 line
  • Signal Trend green color


SELL Rules


  • BBands Stop indicator orange color
  • Heiken Ashi candles red color
  • Joker Filter red bars
  • Trend Direction red bars
  • CCI line downward and below 0 level
  • RSI line downward and below 50 level
  • EMA  10 line downward and below EMA 50 line
  • Signal Trend red color


Trading Note

Why 90% of all systems are profitable but 90% of traders are losing money or Common trader’s mistakes.

  • Not trusting your system or indicator(s).
  • Entering a trade too late or too early.
  • Taking two thirds of a trade instead of the whole lot.
  • Exiting a trade too soon.
  • Ignoring your self-established rules or the rules of the strategy.
  • Changing rules during trading.
  • Lacking patience.
  • Taking trades between sessions.
  • Overtrading.
  • Traders are not looking at the market as is, but through the lenses of their own expectations.
  • Risk Level.
  • Traders do not follow their own rules like StopLoss, TakeProfit and get out from winning position too early.
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You must know your strategy before you start trading. If market turns against you get out of trade when stoploss conditions have been met.

Always follow your trading system rules and planNot following the trading rules and plan is the number one mistake traders make.

You must know exactly what you are going to do from start to finish BEFORE you enter a trade, and stick with it.

Don’t second guess yourself in the middle of a trade. If you can’t overcome this hurdle you won’t be around as a trader for long.

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