Best Easy Forex Scalping Trading System

This is M5 EMA-STOCH Forex Scalping Trading System – a mechanical trading system, which means you will be getting fixed entry and exit signals which tell you exactly what to do and when. So there is nothing left open for you to “interpret” or make mistakes with.

M5 EMA-STOCH Forex Scalping Trading System

Time frame : M5

pairs : eur/jpy , gbp/jpy, eur/aud, Gold, Oil too
take profit 20 to 30 pips.
stop loss last high and low.

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M15 Time Frame


I work on the M5 TF but works also on higher time frames.
Only 1M is too fast and not so profitable due to the spread.

Why complicate things with so many indicators ?
Try it on a demo and see for your self…

Indicators and template inculed.

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