Multi Timeframe Moving Average (MTFMA) Indicator & Trading System for MetaTrader 4

Multi Timeframe Moving Average – The indicator displays the moving average for the selected timeframe. Always remember: the trend is your friend. If you BUY dips in the uptrend, you are making pips. If you try to short, you will lose pips.

MTF-Moving-Average Forex


The Multi-Timeframe Moving Average will calculate and display a moving average using the Time Frame, Period, method, Applied Price, and Shift.

The moving average types you can select from are sma (simple moving average), ema (exponential moving average), wma (weighted moving average), linReg (linear regression average), and hull (hull moving average).

In addition to the standard OHLC chart type, the Multi-Timeframe Moving Average indicator can be used with the Heikin-Ashi, Kagi, Line Break and Range Bars chart types.

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It will not work with the Point & Figure or Renko chart types.


The available bar intervals that you can use are:

  • Daily (input “D” or “d” or “day”)
  • Weekly (input “W” or “w” or “week” )
  • Monthly (input “M” or “m” or “month”)
  • Any intraday bar interval from 1 (minute) up to 480.

The Multi-Timeframe Moving Average parameter menu dialog will allow you to input a intraday interval larger than 480 minutes, but the actual interval will be reduced to 480 minutes when the moving average is created.

Multiple moving averages can be loaded into the same chart.

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