My View on the U.S Dollar versus Singapore or Brunei Dollar

The U.S Dollar versus Singapore or Brunei Dollar – When it comes to design, the American Dollar both wins and loses. The design of making every note look similar at a glance is terrible design, but it does make it very recognisable, the different colour of the Singapore and Brunei Dollars (Their the same currency, just with different Banknotes etc), make them a lot more practical then the American dollar.

The material the notes are made out of, also differentiates the two. All Brunei Notes and all Singapore Notes, besides the $50,$100, $1000 and $10000 are now Polymer or Plastic. This is a much better option then Paper Notes, as they last longer, cannot be ripped and also can take more punishment then the usual paper note.

Another difference between Singapore/Brunei Dollars and American Dollars is the ease with which huge sums of money can be transported. The largest American bill in circulation is the $100. To transport $1m, you would need 10000 notes. In Singapore/Brunei, instead the highest denomination is the $10,000 note. Instead of that 10000 notes. You could instead transport $1m with just 100 notes. With the same space as $1m USD, takes up, I could transport $100m, Singapore/Brunei Dollars.

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The Biggest Difference With US Dollars and Singapore Dollars

Finally the biggest difference with US Dollars and Singapore dollars is linked to my first point, design. If I needed to pay someone, anywhere in the world, the likelihood of them, recognising my Singapore/Brunei dollars, would be fairly slim.

If I was to replace that with a Green US Dollar, there would be no problems. Virtually everyone in the world recognises the look of an American banknote. It is just the easiest money to pay with, when you don’t have the local currency.

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Those are my views on the American and Singpore/Brunei Dollars.

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