Free Forex Trading Course – How to Trade With P SAR Arrows and Curves Forex Trading System

Arrows and Curves System is popular trend reversal system that I have filtered with CCI, Kaufman, and P SAR indicators. The system works well in Time Frame 15 min or higher,  and all Currency pair. Remember that this is advanced trading system, but you can add or change as you like according to your trading style.


Metatrader Indicators
  • Super signal channel that identifies the highs and lows (red arrow=sell signal, blue arrow= Buy signal).
  • Awesome indicator ( blue bar=buy signal , red bar= sell signal).
  • Arrows and Curves (Blue arrow=buy signal, Red arrow=sell Signal).
  • Color CCI this is the filter when there are the previous conditions the CCI above 60 confirm the buy, the CCI below -60 confirm sell.
  • White P SAR this is filter when candle below White P SAR ( Sell Only), when candle above White P SAR ( Buy Only).
  • Kaufman Indicator (Blue dots=buy area, Gold arrow=sell Signal)
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Trading Rules Arrows and Curves System


Buy Rules
  • Supersignal indicator with buy arrow.
  • Awesome Blue bar.
  • Arrow and Curves indicator blue arrow.
  • Color CCI >above 60 level.
  • Candle above White P SAR.
  • Kaufman Indicator Blue dots


Sell Rules
  • Supersignal indicator with sell arrow.
  • Awesome red bar.
  • Arrow and Curves indicator blue arrow.
  • Color CCI below 60 level.
  • Candle below White P SAR.
  • Kaufman Indicator Gold dots


Exit Position

You can use a trailing stop without specific target. For example, after opening a trade you can set a trailing stop of 10 pips. And let the trade be closed automatically.

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To use a specific target that depend by time frame.

For stop loss we will be using the last high/low from the last arrows signals

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