Simple M5 Forex Scalping System Based on Trend and Sentiment

I want to show here how to do some healthy scalping that would put the scalpers health at little risk. Simple M5 Forex Scalping System Based on Trend, Emotion and Sentiment.

This system Is very simple and profitable for scalping the market during the London and New York sessions.

It is important to remember that you must not over trade with this system, wait for the right setup at the right time and it will pay off big time in the long run.

  • Time frame : M5
  • Pairs : eur/jpy , gbp/jpy, eur/aud, Gold, Oil too
  • Take Profit : 20 to 30 pips.
  • Stop Loss : last high and low.
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Free Download M5 Scalping System:






m5 scalping.tpl

Buy Rules


Sell Rules


This system Is very simple and profitable for scalping. If you are a patient person you will find yourself excelling with this system. It requires a lot of patience and discipline to not start over trading on every tick of the market.

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