The “Anti-Chaos” Trading Systems & Simple Blueprint For Success In Forex Market

Making money in Forex doesn’t have to take years of trial and error like the masses would have you believe. All you need is a profitable Forex trading system and patience to start making money in Forex.

I’ll start with patience, because it’s the harder of the two to implement, and is what separates the big earners from the ones who “hit and miss”. Patience means that you’ve got to be willing to get rich slow, and understand that there are limitations to every profitable Forex trading system.

Most profitable Forex trading systems won’t make more than a 5-10% return each month, so unless you’re starting out with hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can’t retire on your Forex trading income right from the get go.

To achieve financial freedom through Forex, you’ll need to make regular investments and allow your Forex trading profits to compound.


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Obviously, the best way to get a profitable Forex trading system is to buy one that’s already been developed for you instead of wasting your time trying to develop one of your own. Because you understand the vital role that patience plays in your success in trading Forex, you’ll be much better equipped to identify a profitable Forex trading system in the midst of all the fakes that are out there.

The ideal system for you will be one that doesn’t promise quick riches or “sure thing” results. What you’re looking for are conservative, consistent Forex trading profits of 5-10% a month. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Below are 5 best profitable forex trading systems…

  • Fantastic Swing Trading Forex Trend Turtle Channel System Lead To Big Profits

Swing Trading Forex Trend Turtle Channel System – The turtle channel was originally designed by Richard Donchian as a technical indicator to be used for breakout trading. The channel is created by plotting both the 20-period high price and the 20-period low price, along with an average of the two prices that serves as a centerline within the channel.


The original strategy that Donchian used with the channel is to buy or sell breakouts above or below the channel. However, the turtle channel is also used by traders as a simple trend-following indicator because it typically does a very good job of encompassing both high and low price swings within a long-term trend.

  • Bollinger Bands Forex Trading Strategy With Trend Power Curve Custom Indicator

Bollinger Bands Forex Trading Strategy – Bollinger Bands® are a technical chart indicator popular among traders across several financial markets. On a chart, Bollinger Bands® are two “bands” that sandwich the market price. Many traders use them primarily to determine overbought and oversold levels.

One common strategy is to sell when the price touches the upper Bollinger Band® and buy when it hits the lower Bollinger Band®. This technique generally works well in markets that bounce around in a consistent range, also called range-bound markets. In this type of market, the price bounces off the Bollinger Bands® like a ball bouncing between two walls.

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Trend Power System is an indicator strategy with dynamic channel support / resistance levels. Can be used on any currency pairs and all time frames. But I would still prefer the H1. There, I think, more reliable signals.

  • High Accuracy Forex Center of Gravity Trigger Lines Strategy With Trend Smoothed Indicator

High Accuracy Forex Moving Average Trigger Lines Strategy – To be precise, it stands for Center of Gravity, and the theory basically states that price has a mean average or center of gravity that it always rotates around.


Basically, as price fluctuates up and down, it will come back to its average and return to an appropriate value. When price gets too high, it will come back down and when it gets to low, it will come back up. We can see price do this over and over on our charts and as traders, we are constantly trying to figure out how to capture these swings.

  • Forex Nihilist Ultra ADX Trading Strategy With Moving Average and BB-MACD Custom Indicator

Forex Nihilist Ultra ADX Trading Strategy – This  high accuracy trading system is an extremely low risk, high reward strategy which can and will change your life if you use it properly.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is probably going to be the easiest money you’ll ever make….it is!

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The only thing that could make this system fail over the long term is you not sticking to the rules…….that’s it!

  • Advanced Simple Forex Renko Trading Trends With Moving Average

Forex Renko Trading Trends Strategy With Moving AverageThe System is based on a Renko Chart that predicts the price micro trends with amazing probability! In our opinion this trading tool works better than all other system that we’ve tried because it uses a brand new trading algorithm and micro trends determination system! The main principle of the indicator is a custom trading indicators composite + micro trend indicator + price action false signals filter – All in one!


Renko charts are used to determine the following about a security:

  1. Easy identification of support and resistance lines.
  2. Easy identification of continuation patterns such as triangles.
  3. Identification of reversal patterns such as head and shoulders, triple tops, double bottoms and other classically accepted reversal patterns.
  4. Discovery of trends and their reversals that cannot be “seen” on a PPS chart.
  5. Refine our abilities to daytrade/swing a chart as to build up our accounts.
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To recap, my simple blueprint for success in Forex is to have a profitable Forex trading system, and to apply patience in running your system.

Don’t try to be overly aggressive with your positions to try to make big returns faster, because this will definitely cost you in the long run. Add to your capital regularly, and grow your capital through compounding your profits, and you’re sure to achieve your profit goals sooner than you would any other way.

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