The Magical Multiple Moving Average Forex indicator to Evaluate Trading Conditions

FOREX MANTRA PRO – The Multiple Moving Average Forex indicator can save you considerable time when evaluating trading conditions. FOREX itself is a challenging place to work. It is the market where nothing repeats second time.

Yes, Profit making in this market and making it truly constant and precise is a matter of experience and strategy.

This is more psychological than practical. Control your greed, bind your hope, be a risk taker and there you go you are a FOREX TRADER. Don’t try to make your fund double in a week. That’s not what’s called FOREX.

Be precise, be brave, be a risk taker, be more knowledge earner in this field and most importantly be YOU…




This product is usually a collection of important rationalized indicator template. Professional traders like the charts be very simple but yet very effective. We all know Moving Average Indicator is the mother of all indicators we see in the market. Recommended Forex Trading System : Forex MACD System – How To Use MACD Indicator Effectively in Day Trading.

There are many EA’s which follows Moving Average to set their trades. So, what is the catch? Why those EAs don’t bring profit every time? The answer lies in the parameter setup and ratio setup which we provided perfectly for a H1 to D1 traders.

It took about a year of study and research on moving average to find out this effective measurement EMA forex trading strategy and believe me it works well.

Many indicators we usually find costing $100s do repaint themselves to show that they can catch each trend and each move very effectively but Moving Average works on an average as we all know and it does not repaint as it is the mother and core indicator in the history of FOREX.

Our system is fully a traditional concept based theory but with more advanced researched strategies and techniques. You will soon come to know and thank us for the system.

WARNING : Don’t get influenced or don’t bind any indicator with our system. You can only use RSI and Stochastic for supportive manner only.

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Forex Mantra Setup


Now how we trade effectively with FX MANTRA??
The MANTRA for this FX MANTRA is very easy, it is easy as spelling F-O-R-E-X. Yes, it is very simple but very effective.

  1. Simply extract the folder FX MANTRA to your computer. Better to be in the desktop.
  2. Launch or Run your Meta trader 4 with internet connection on it.
  3. Right Click on the chart and scroll down to TEMPLATES.
  4. Click on LOAD TEMPLATES.
  5. Browse for the folder you extracted in your desktop named FX MANTRA.
  6. There are 2 templates, one is FX MANTRA H1 and another is FX MANTRA LT, you can choose either one (We will discuss this matter further).
  7. After you have selected the template it will show in your chart.


How to use the system for effective trading


We have included H1 and LT system. H1 system named as FX MANTRA H1 Pro traders tool and LT system named as LEANER TRADING TOOL. ( Recommended Forex Trading System For Momentum Trader  : Top 7 Best Forex Momentum Indicator and Trading System for Scalping or IntraDay Trading. )

H1 system is very much useful and the main system for trading for profit. LT system ensures longer trends to ride for profit. The main attractive features of the tools are the ranging effect discovery.

With these tools a trader can easily identify the ranges and breakouts with no repaints.
Look at the chart below


The FX Mantra H1 tool provides 2 MA lines. When the GREEN line crosses over the RED line, the trader should go for BUY until both of the MA lines get closer. Please use H1 timeframe for this kind of trade.

Now look at the chart below


When RED line crosses over the GREEN line then go for SALE until the lines get closer to each other. As you can see a huge trade has been done with our tool. REMEMBER our tool do not repaint.

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For Ranging Effect look at the chart below


The main fact is that When both MA lines are closer to each other then it shows a ranging effect for long term traders.

THE MAIN MANTRA WITH THE TOOL IS : When RED LINE is over the GREEN LINE then go for SALE then when GREEN LINE is over the RED LINE then go for buy and USE H1 Time Frame. To ensure a trend you can shuffle through H4 and D1 Time Frame.

NOW WHAT ABOUT THE LT TOOL : LT tool is all about more ensuring result. Use LT tool for ensuring a highly profitable 100+ pips trade. Let us take a clean look at the chart.


As we can see on the picture above when 3 of the MA lines crossed then a new trend is ensured. And as H1 tool when the BLUE line is over the PURPLE and RED line go for a BUY order.

Remember this tool is only for day, weekly and monthly traders. It ensures greater profit accesiblity.

Now look at the chart below where sales and ranging effects are defined with LT method.


As we can see above when RED line is over the PURPLE and BLUE line is under all the lines you can ensure a Down Trend. And when you see all the lines are crossing each other but very close to each other after collision then it’s a ranging effect. Do not trade on this time.


H1 method provides good data and signal for H1-D1 traders. It provides a massive signal of BUY and SELL. Anyone can use H1 Pro tool for maximizing their profit. BUT LT method is quite different in mechanism, LT method should be used for ENSURING TREND for LONG TERM TRADES.

If you are a scalper, or a seasoned trader please use H1 tool for trading and LT tool for ensuring the trend. When you are trading with more than $2000 and going for a trade which will last for 1 week or more then you can go for LT tool without even touching the H1 tool.

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Our tools are truly tested and found to be providing 92% + profit signal accuracy. Please do not misinterpret the signals. We tried our best to describe the overall matter in this article.

You can trade with $100 or with $50 even with our H1 Pro tool and teach this method to your friends and colleagues.

Please follow the rules shown above and stay profitable.

All the MAJOR PAIRS & COMMODITIES like Oil, Gold, & Silver etc.

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