H4M30 Intrady Trading: This Simple “SYSTEM” Made Intraday Forex Trading Profitable

Simple and profitable system for intraday trading  –  Most “intraday traders” get caught up looking at only the lower timeframes. They never realize that INTRADAY MOVEMENT is determined by the HIGHER TIMEFRAMES.

Essentially, intraday trading is taking part in a bigger timeframe swing.

If you are trading counter to the higher timeframe trend, you are probably PLAYING A LOSING GAME.

Note that trend, cycle and momentum are all considerations, but for now, I will share just one trick that will help you massively in deciding the direction of the day.


The H4 / D1 Trend Verification System

Before you take an intraday trade, go to the H4 and Daily chart.

You can place two simple moving averages on it: a 5-period and an 8-period.


When the 5 crosses above the 8, there will generally be more up days than down days. When the 5 is below the 8, there will generally be more down days than up days.

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In this system, we’ll use a more accurate trading template to verify the market trend.

Take a look at the image below.

Isn’t this a very useful piece of information….?

Of course, in itself, it is not enough to trade on, but if you know your trading bias for the day, you will stop getting lost in the jungle of the lower timeframe charts.


M30 Intraday Trading Strategy

The system is a complete trading tool designed primarily to trade TRENDS successfully and consistently.

The indicator is based on a special system that predicts the price movement in advance!

The main principle of the indicator is special custom trend indicators complex.


BUY Rules

  • The H4 or Daily cart at “BUY Only” area/condition
  • Price upward above Daily open line
  • Super Trend Profit line indicator aqua color
  • GMTS Tape blue color
  • GMTS Matrix blue color


SELL Rules

  • The H4 or Daily cart at “SELL Only” area/condition
  • Price downward below Daily open line
  • Super Trend Profit line indicator red color
  • GMTS Tape red color
  • GMTS Matrix red color
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Trading NOTES

The BASIC RULES for this system – Enter and exit your trades using BUY/SELL signals when the indicator generate it for you.

The signals are accurate and profitable, but to maximize your profit I recommend always check a global trend (The H4 / D1 Trend Verification System) and do not trade against it.

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