TrendSnipper Forex Trading Strategy With QQE & Slope Direction Line Indicator

Simple profitable forex QQE & Slope Direction Line trading system, most reliable forex strategy – TrendSnipper Forex Trading Strategy With QQE & Slope Direction Line Indicator.  QQE is a momentum indicator. Trend arrows with QQE is a trend-momentum template MT4,  And Trend arrows is long-term trending indicator.

QQE MetaTrader indicator — or Quantitative Qualitative Estimation, is based on a rather complex calculation of the smoothed RSI indicators. As a result we get 2 lines in a separate indicator window — fast and slow.

There is also an important indicator level (50), which is used in signals. You can enable text, sound and e-mail alerts for this indicator. The indicator is available for both MT4 and MT5.

In the original QQE indicator trading system, the signals are generated when the blue line crosses level 50 and when it crosses the yellow (dotted) line.

But I recommend using the following signals for trading: go long when the blue line crosses yellow line from below while both are below level 50; go short when the blue line crosses yellow line from above while both are above level 50.

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TrendSnipper Forex Trading Rules


This strategy is very simple and effective with a profitability in the range 44-57 %. This strategy is for intraday trading or swing.

Time Frame: 15 min or higher

Financial market: any.

Metarader indicators:

  • Trend Snipper
  • Slope Direction Line
  • Trend arrows period 15 this indicator determines the trend, so the direction of the market;
  • QQE two configurations SF 5 RSI 60 — SF 5 RSI 14 more speculative (in the folder shared there are two templates)
  • Trading rules Trend arrows with QQE


BUY Rules

  • Green arrows,
  • Buy arrow of QQE
  • Slope Direction Line Blue and upward
  • Trend green and above 0line
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SELL Rules

  • Red arrows,
  • Sell arrow of QQE
  • Slope Direction Line Red and Downward
  • Trend red and  below 0line



Trading on the longer timeframes is going to be more profitable than day trading! Steer clear of day trading until you’ve got a lot more experience!

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