Forex Day Trading Education – Very Profitable M15 Forex Price Power System and Indicators

I decided to share my trading strategy i really hope you’ll like and enjoy using it. Firstly sorry for my bad english , but maybe writing i can improve it…heheh

This system is till now completely manual, but if somebody want to create some ea we can talk about it and create it, it will be amazing! .  I u really can say it’s very profitable, at least 30 % or more by month, it’s doesn’t make you too much stressed.

The images will help you and me to make it clean.

Ok, let’s explain simple rules.




Look at the Sell Only Area bellow…




Look at The Buy Only Area Bellow….


Money Management Tips

Maximizing your profit is an important part of money management. If you succeed to maximize your profit in your trades, you will have a better risk-reward ratio.

When your stop loss is the same as your target, you have a 1:1 risk-reward ratio, but when you succeed to maximize your profit in a trade and your profit becomes three times more than your stop loss, then your risk-reward ratio will be 1:3. It means you have risked 2% of your account to make a 6% profit. And if one of your positions hits your stop loss, you lose 2% of the profit you have made and 4% of the profit is still in your account.

Now lets say you have a trading system that you are 70% successful with it. It means 7 out of 10 positions you take, hit the target and 3 positions hit the stop loss. If you succeed to maximize your profit up to three times of your stop loss with those 7 positions, you will make 7 x 3 x 2% or 42% profit and your loss will be 3 x 2% or 6%. So you will have a 36% profit at the end (42% – 6% = 36%). This is a great result.

However you should know that it is not always possible to maximize your profit like that and in fact maximizing profit is one of the hardest part of trading and needs a lot of experience, patience and discipline.

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Ok! I think I have talked enough about money management and its important role in trading. I hope you always consider money management rules in your trading. If you think 2% risk in each trade is too small, you can increase it to 4% only if you are confident enough about your system and your skill. I said “confident”, not “over-confident”.



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