Weighted CCI and Signals – Finding The Best High Profits Entry Point in Forex Trading

The Best High Profits Entry Point in Forex Trading – The Weighted CCI and Signals Forex trading system is simple and very profitable. Even people who start to trade on it for the first time to achieve excellent results.



You can use this forex trading system  for, intraday, swing trading, and also Binary Options High/Low.

The major advantages of intraday trading are the ability to trade on scalping and produce a dispersal of the deposit, no additional fees, trend forecasting and complete control over the performed transactions.


Weighted CCI and Signals Trading Rules



Best Time Frame : H1


Wait for the candle closed in  dark red channel area. Perfect Active direction of the two channels coincide with the direction of our potential entry. The channels in parallel direction, but should not be too close.

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BUY Rules


  • Yellow Dot BUY Signal below the price
  • BBand Stop green color and below price
  • Weighted CCI upward above 0 level
  • Momentum line upward and above 100 level


SELL Rules

  • Yellow Dot SELL Signal above the price
  • BBand Stop red color and above price
  • Weighted CCI downward below 0 level
  • Momentum line downward and below 100 level


Trading Note:

All of us want more successes than failures, but trying to trade with this mentality can actually lead to more failures.

You will never have perfect results; markets aren’t that orderly. And you don’t need perfect results to make a lot of money. Even winning 50% to 60% of your trades can produce monster returns.

Whether you want to learn how to day trade stocks, forex, futures or options, start with developing a processIt’s what you can control.

Results are beyond our control, but by continually making sure we’re following our process, positive results begin to occur naturally. Positive results come from continually focusing on a process that works.

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