What’s The Biggest Problem With Metatrader?

My biggest problem is that is was engineered to screw its client-base over. The back-office controls to skew individual price feeds and shake retailers out of position are well-documented, and staggering they’ve got away with it for so long (and still do).

As a charting package, I’ve used a variety (Reuters Eikon, NT, Metastock, Esignal etc) and to be fair, MT5 (also 4), holds up very, very well. It’s still the fastest program to work with out of everything I’ve ever tried.


10 issues may be pushing, it but in order:

  1. No ability to change current time to your own time zone. No transparency over time zones either – so in back testing, very hard to determine with summer and winter offsets exactly what time data came from
  2. No flexibility of session length. FX is obviously 24hr except the weekend, but I want to be able to add in that space if required. Similarly I want to be able to count both actual bars and actual time – the two are different
  3. Mentioned by another poster- CSVs. Exporting is one thing, for me connecting and plotting from CSVs, or Excel is highly desirable. Not a problem, more a feature
  4. It’s ugly. Just compare it to Esignal, and you can see it’s lacking. However, Esignal is a donkey in performance and if given the two…
  5. Mt5 objects slip every so often and change size. Can’t tell you specifics of why
  6. Trend lines between TFs are occasionally screwed – ie, a TL that hits the daily high on one TF doesn’t on another. Occasional too, I’ve never fathomed out what’s going on here.
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Six, that’ll do you.

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