Who Are The Most Successful Forex Traders in The World

Who are successful Forex traders?… There are many successful traders around. Its possible to be consistently profitable. But its not meant for the weak at heart. It requires emotional balance, proper training, understanding the market, having a strategy, a reliable trade plan and an experienced guide.

But, believe me…

There’s no need to know who are succesful Forex traders.

Even if you knew 10 of them, that wouldn’t help you a iota.

  • It’s not their trading system,
  • it’s not their platform, and…
  • it’s not their capital.

It’s the mindset that matters and mindset may be illustrated but not “imbued” into someone else’s brain.

Also, steer clear from anyone selling anything, from anyone advertising ANYTHING, from anyone willing to teach for a price. They are all buffoons, lowly marketeers who seek the gullible people to scam them with their fake “winning trading systems”, “proprietary indicators” and so on.

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It hurts to hear, but there’s no free meal in trading. There’s only pints and pints of elbows grease, thousands hours spent studying how markets behave, years spent changing one’s own personality to enter the right approach and mindset to ever hope to earn money.

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Another quick check to detect buffoons: they talk about making profits, finding entries, employing the latest cool (auto) trading system, whereas real traders talk about controlling losses and risk / money management.

All those who claim to be making millions through this is pure joke.

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Its possible, but they wont spend their time to declare it to the world.

Knowledge is power, time is money !!!….

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