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Best Intra-day Forex Trading Strategies. I have heavily modified the original version of the software quite a bit to help the system become more profitable. This may be the final version. I’ve


Installation instructions.


Extract all the files ending in .ex4 and .mq4 into programfiles/IBFX/experts/indicators folder.

(If IBFX is not your broker find your broker folder in Program Files.)

The template file ending in .tpl needs to go into programfiles/IBFX/templates folder.

That’s in on the installation.


Trading rules…at least what works for me.


  1. Trade a day each pair win or loss
  2. 40 pip TP on each trade.
  3. SL, Signal in opposite direction.
  4. Wait for only valid signal as shown in the pic to up your win %
  5. Trade only EU and GU
  6. Start trading at 6 am EST and wait till you find your trades. Usually with in 3 hours you’re done.
  7. Have discipline and keep to the strategy.
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What this method can achieve

The golden figure only lets me do a visual back test for 1 month per pair but last month alone both pairs combined pulled in +1262 pips. +709 pips on the EU and +553 on the GU.


An example of the power of this system

The EURUSD pair had 11 straight days of 40 pip profits. 440 pips in 11 days.

I do not know how past months are but I would guess that this system could pull in an average of about 1000 pips per month. This may not be enough for some traders but it is for me.

If some of you are having trouble finding a consistent strategy or want one for that matter here’s you’re ride. This strategy should work well long term with this system and does bring in a good amount of pips per month.

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Happy Trading and
Good luck!

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