Forex OBOS TrendBars Signal System – Best 4 Hour Forex System That Actually Works

FREE DOWNLOAD Forex OBOS TrendBars Signal System. The very best 4-hour forex trading system that actually works. OBOS Indicator is an exclusive indicator to spot entries based on price action. The OBOS Indicator is both effective and user-friendly.


OBOS Indicator uses simple color codes and levels to indicate Overbought and Oversold conditions. No more headache.

The OBOS Indicator will only gives you the indication when there are possible entries. Means you only get useful information.

To use the OBOS indicator, please follow the rules:

  • Wait for the indicator to give you an overbought or oversold signal (GREEN or MAGENTA Arrow).
  • Once signal comes out, wait for price to calm down (small bar or no bar in the indicator)
  • Enter the market with a SELL or BUY order


Forex OBOS TrendBars Signal Trading Rules

This Forex OBOS TrendBars Signal System is based on high accuracy indicators, trend following, and best 4-hour Forex System that actually works.

  • Best Time Frames:  4H and daily


MetaTrader Trading Indicators
  • OBOS
  • Gann Signal Bars
  • Gann Signal Signal v.3
  • Gann Signal Enter
  • Gann Signal Trend
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • Gann Signal Stop Loss
  • RSI
  • Signal Trend
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BUY Rules


  • OBOS Green Arrow
  • Gann Signal Bars green color
  • Price above 50 EMA
  • Gann Signal Stop loss green color below 50 EMA
  • RSI (14) upward above 50 level
  • RSI (5) upward above 50 level
  • Signal Trend green bars


SELL Rules


  • OBOS Magenta Arrow
  • Gann Signal Bars red color
  • Price below 50 EMA
  • Gann Signal Stop loss green color above 50 EMA
  • RSI (14) downward below 50 level
  • RSI (5) downward below 50 level
  • Signal Trend red bars
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Money Management
  • 0.01 lot deposit 200 $
  • 0.02 lots deposit 500 $
  • No more than 2 trades at once on the currency pair previous indicated
  • Take Prrofit : Stop Loss ratio is 1:2 or 1:3

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