Forex Big Profits With Alligator-MACD Trading System and Strategy

Forex Alligator-MACD Trading System and Strategy – My system is very simple. I use only one chart to enter, manage and exit the trade. My charts are clear and there are MACD (Moving Average Convergence-Divergence), Alligator, and DMI indicators.   You’ll learn more about how I use these indicators later on. As long as you[…]

High Accuracy Forex Center of Gravity Trigger Lines Strategy With Trend Smoothed Indicator

High Accuracy Forex Moving Average Trigger Lines Strategy – To be precise, it stands for Center of Gravity, and the theory basically states that price has a mean average or center of gravity that it always rotates around.   Basically, as price fluctuates up and down, it will come back to its average and return[…]

Get Rich Quick and Make Money From Forex Binary Options with EMA Kijun-Sen Trading Strategy

High Accuracy Forex Binary Options Trading with EMA Kijun-Sen System and  Strategy – If you are a real trader, you are not a gambler. Can you make money while gambling? Yes. Will you make money? Probably not. Can you make money consistently off gambling? Absolutely not. Do people make money from forex or binary options?… The[…]

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