Forex Easy SWING Trading System Based on ADX and Momentum Indicators

Forex Easy SWING Trading System based on Easy Forex System , ADX, and Momentum Indicator.  Many trading strategies Forex Easy SWING Trading System use the ADX indicator to identify strong trends.

The ADX indicator is good at identifying strong trends, it is a lagging indicator. Lagging indicators might work for position and SWING trading.


Forex Easy SWING Trading System
  • Time Frame: H4 or D1
  • Markets: Forex and Indicies


Metatrader Indicators:
  • ADX 9 period (level 22);
  • Easy Forex System (line Blue, lines Yellow and White) ;
  • 12 SMA (close, line magenta).
  • Momentum Indicator


Forex Easy SWING Trading Rules


Price Above the channel (line blue and yellow only trades only buy)

Price Below the channel, trades only sell.


Buy Rules
  • Price above the channel.
  • ADX> 22 level D+>D-
  • Momentum above 100
  • white line crosses downward 12 SMA


Sell Rules
  • Price above the channel.
  • ADX> 22 level D+>D-
  • Momentum below 100
  • White line crosses downward 12 SMA


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There are numerous opportunities for creating profitable swing trading strategies in the forex market. Although many swing traders focus on anticipating the breakout after a period of consolidation, channel trading is arguably one of the simplest swing strategies to implement. When a currency pair trades within a defined price channel, whether bullish, bearish or trendless, the consistent oscillation of price between support and resistance levels offers multiple opportunities within a relatively short period.

To take advantage of this swing trading strategy in the forex market, first look for currency pairs trading within a channel. A price channel is defined by drawing trendlines with 12 SMA.

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