The Most Accurate Continuation Candlestick Patterns in Forex and Bitcoin Market

Forex and Bitcoin Market – The Best Continuation Formations in Technical Analysis.  These are the three most common and accurate continuation candlestick patterns in technical analysis. Prices move in trends.  And there are only three different types of trends: Upward, Downward Sideways In UPTREND and DOWNTREND phases, it is possible for a trader to make[…]

The Most Effective Trend Trading Strategy – Cleverly Combining Simple EMA & RSI Indicators

Super Easy and Effective Trend Trading Strategy – This article is based on the assumption that prices move sideways for a large portion of the time. While swing traders or scalpers restrict their focus to sideways phases, a trend trader devotes himself to the rest of the time because that is when larger movements occur[…]

The Most Powerful Bullish Bearish Candlestick Price Action Trading System

This is the most powerful BULLISH BEARISH CANDLESTICK patterns trading system every trader should know. Candlestick patterns emerge because human actions and reactions are patterned and constantly replicate and are captured in the formation of the candles. Candlestick patterns provide a great way for traders to determine potential trend reversals. In particular, bearish engulfing and bearish evening[…]

DOWNLOAD Top 7 Best Forex Ichimoku Trading System and Strategy

FREE DOWNLOAD 7 Best Forex Ichimoku Trading System and Strategy – The Ichimoku Cloud—or Ichimoku Kinko Hyo—is often ignored by traders, especially beginning traders, only because all of its lines and colors (and clouds) makes it look a bit complicated, perhaps even daunting. But once you know how to use it, it’s really very simple.[…]

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