BENPUZZY Linear MA Pivot Forex Trading System

The “BENPUZZY Linear MA Pivot Forex Trading System” is one of the most profitable strategies to be employed in this most harculean but profitable Business.

This strategy is one of the most profitable because:

  • it is suitablefor any time frame
  • The risk reward ratio is high
  • It helps to reduce your risk exposure
  • It is very easy to follow.



  • Download and install the indicators and template files in the appropriate files of your mt4
    Restart your MT4
  • Right click on your MT4, locate the template folder on the dropdown menu on your MT4 and attach the “BENPUZZY” template to your chart.
  • Allow the Blue Coloured MA to Cross either above or below any of the Yellow or Green lines to Either BUY or SELL as demonstrated on the attached chart.
  • Exit your trade once you see a counter signal
  • Take profit is at your own descretion but must not be lesser than 50 pips.
  • Remember to always adjust your stoploss to your entry price once price has gone 20 pips in your favour.

Wishing you all a pipful adventures, “BENPUZZY Linear MA Pivot Forex Trading System”.

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