Forex Strength Candles System – The Currency Power BUY and Power SELL by TimeFrames

The strength candles indicator calculates the strength of the tendency for any currency pairs, index,cfd, stocks for any time frames: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1. This is an dashboard indicator.

Strength candles Indicator and trading system – is an indicator that displays the power purchase and power sales by timeframes. It controls the state on the same graph 7 and the “core” of timeframes in real time. With incoming data to 7 timeframes: from 1 minute to 1 day chart “shows” the power of buying and selling each timeframe.

This gives not only a review of the current situation with the timeframe and details of how they vary in the short term. The strength and weakness of the estimated 0% to 100%. The calculation of the buying and selling price is determined by the opening on closing prices on the maximum and minimum price.

Analyzing each timeframe, we can choose the best signal to enter the market. Choose the strongest signal to buy or a strong sell signal. It is easy to see: buy signals are green histogram and sell signals – red.

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Each timeframe from 1 minute to 1 day summed and displayed in the general information for the buying and selling as a percentage.

The algorithm of the Strength candles analyzes 7 timeframes. He does not use any or other indicators (moving averages, RSI, etc.), so that all the signals – in real time.


  • Time Frame: 1 min or higher.
  • Markets:any.


Metatrader Indicators:
  • Strength Candles Indicator
  • Sideways trend
  • UK Ma indicators (4 period)
  • UK NMA (default setting)
  • Signals Indicator
  • Signal


Strength Candles System Trading Rules 


Buy Rules
  • UK Ma crosses above UK NMA.
  • Strength Candles Indicator System buy bar is more 70%.
  • Sideways trend Buy
  • Signals Indicator green


Sell Rules
  • UK Ma crosses below UK NMA.
  • Strength Candles Indicator System sell bar is more 70%.
  • Sideways trend Sell
  • Signals Indicator red


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Exit Position when uk-ma crosses in opposite direction UK-NMA or profit target ratio 1.2 stop loss.

Initial stop loss on the previous swing. Strength Candles Indicator System is also for binary options high/low with expiry time 3 candles.

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