High Accuracy Forex Triangle Pattern Trading Strategy With Bollinger Bands MACD

Most Recommended & Best Forex Trading System – High Accuracy Forex Triangle Pattern Trading Strategy With Bollinger Bands MACD.  Forex Triangle trading system and strategy is a simple and profitable forex trading method.



Triangles are among the most famous chart patterns.

And, Symmetrical Triangle is the most famous and popular kind of triangle chart patterns known in technical analysis.

There are some professional traders who only trade the triangles, because they believe triangles are much easier to locate, and it is also much easier to take a position, set the stop loss and target, when a triangle is formed on a bullish or bearish market.


Forex Triangle Pattern Trading Rules


The basic construct of this Triangle Chart Pattern is the convergence of two trendlines – flat, ascending or descending – with the price of the security moving between the two trendlines.

  • Best Time Frame :  H1 or higher
  • Financial Markets : Currency pairs, Commodities ( Gold , Silver ,oil) and Indicies.
  • You can trade with this method also with binary options high/low.
  • Expiry time 6-8 candles.
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Metatrader Indicators

  • BBands Stops
  • Brain Trend Stop Line
  • MT4 Currency
  • MT4 XMA V. 2.1
  • MT4 Semafor
  • 123 Triangles
  • Xard Math
  • MT4 Stochastic (50, 13, 2).


BUY Rules


  • When triangle green is formed wait the the Stoch line to crosses upward the Mid level and the white priceline to crosses upward the Blue/Yellow line.
  • BBMACD dot green color
  • Price upward above  green BBands Stop

SELL Rules


  • When triangle red is formed wait the the Stoch line to crosses downward the Mid level and the white priceline to crosses downward the Blue/Yellow line.
  • BBMACD dot magenta color
  • Price downward below  green BBands Stop


Trading Note

Be precise and disciplined about your stop loss and target orders, and set them according to the directions I gave you above.

Calculate your positions size properly not to take more than 1-2% risk in each trade setup.

Although we do our best to have safer positions, our stop loss will be triggered sometimes.

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This is absolutely normal and happens for all traders, even the most professional ones. None of the above techniques I explained are guaranteed.

Additionally, it takes you some time to master these techniques and become able to locate proper and reliable trade setups.

Losing is part of this game and has to be tolerated and handled properly and professionally.

Do not expect that the market hits your target anytime that you take a position. And do not get disappointed when the market hits your stop loss sometimes.

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