Super High Accuracy M15 Forex Trading Strategy with Multi Info Indicator

Super High Accuracy M15 Forex Trading Strategy with Multi Info Indicator – Multi Info indicator is a valid Indicator giving you a global overview of how the forex currency is behaving on every timeframe. This high accuracy trading system gives you a lot of market information.

Of the three possible market conditions, TRENDS are probably the most popular amongst traders; and the reason for that is what we had alluded to a little earlier.

The future is opaque, and price movements are unpredictable. By simply recognizing a trend, the trader has noticed a bias that has shown itself in the marketplace.

Maybe there is improving fundamental data for that economy; or perhaps it’s a central-bank driven move on the back of ‘Yen-tervention’ or another round of QE.


How to Build a Trend Strategy

Many of the most popular indicators can be helpful when designing a trend strategy. And to take technical analysis a step further when designing a trend-trading approach, many traders will look to utilize multiple time frame analysis in order to get multiple looks at a trending market.

We discussed the concept of Multiple Time Frame Analysis in the article, The Time Frames of Trading. In the article, we suggest potential time frames that traders can look to utilize based on their desired holding times.

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When utilizing multiple time frame analysis with a trend-trading strategy, traders are often going to look to the longer time frame to find and diagnose the strength of the trend. This can be done in a multitude of ways. Some traders will prefer to do this without any indicators at all, using price and price alone.

Other traders will look to one of the more common indicators, the moving average. There are a lot of different flavors and types of moving averages, but the goal is all the same – to show us a ‘line-in-the-sand’ as to whether price movements are ‘above-average’ or ‘below-average’ for a given period of time.

But Super High Accuracy M15 Forex Trading Strategy with Multi Info Indicator is highly accurate and easy multiple time frame analysis.


Forex Multi Info Trading Rules


First forex scalping strategy based on the Forex Multi Info indicator.

Best Time Frame : 15 min.
Currency pairs : EUR/USD, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF.

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Metatrader Indicators:

  • All Averages,
  • Candle Count Down,
  • HFT 2.1 vola dss,
  • MT4 Currency Power,
  • DSS Bressert (5,9),
  • Forex Multi Info 1,
  • Forex Multi Info 2.


BUY Rules
  • HFT Market Bias Trend up.
  • Blue Arrow Buy.
  • DSS Bressert Blue Dot.
  • Forex Multi Info 1 and 2 green.
  • Forex Multi Info [UP]


SELL Rules
  • HFT Market Bias Trend down.
  • Red Arrow Sell.
  • DSS Bressert Red Dot.
  • Forex Multi Info 1 and 2 red.
  • Forex Multi Info [DOWN]


Exit position
  • Exit position at first profit target.
  • Place initial stop loss at he previous swing.

Thi Super High Accuracy M15 Forex Trading Strategy with Multi Info Indicator can simply allow the trader to focus on higher-probability setups and situations in an effort to win more money than they lose; so that they may be able to net a profit.

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