GMT Forex Binary Options Trend Following – The Best and Most Popular Strategy in all Financial Markets

FREE DOWNLOAD Forex Binary Options Trend Following System and Strategy. With this trading system, traders can look to focus on situations in which the market may be giving them the best probabilities of success.


Trend Following is The Best and Most Popular Strategy in all Financial Markets. And this “GMT Forex Binary Options Trend Following” trading system is simple and easy to mater even for new trader.

But, are you looking for the strategy that rarely (or never) loses?…

Absolutely sure, this just doesn’t exist.

Regardless of how strong a strategy ever might be, it will never be 100% predictive of market movements.

The future is opaque with or without a strong strategy.

A good strategy can simply allow the trader to focus on higher-probability setups and situations in an effort to win more money than they lose; so that they may be able to net a profit.


GMT Forex Binary Options Trend Following Trading System


Of the three possible market conditions, TRENDS are probably the most popular amongst traders; and the reason for that is what we had alluded to a little earlier.

The future is opaque, and price movements are unpredictable.

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By simply recognizing a TREND, the trader has noticed a bias that has shown itself in the marketplace.


Maybe there is improving fundamental data for that economy; or perhaps it’s a central-bank driven move on the back of ‘Yen-tervention’ or another round of QE.

Whatever the reason, a bias exists in the market and that’s visible from the trajectory on the chart. The alluring part of this is that if that bias continues, the trader might be able to jump on the trend, and let the market do the heavy lifting of moving the position into profitable territory.

Let me show you how to use this  “GMT Forex Binary Options Trend Following Trading System” in forex market.

  • Best Time Frames: M30, H1, H4, and D1
  • Recommended Currency Pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, and all major pairs


MetaTrader Trading Indicators
  • GMT 101
  • GMT 102
  • GMT 103
  • GMT 106
  • GMT 107
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • Signal Trend
  • Volatility Quality – Zero Line GZ


BUY Rules


  • GMT 101 Aqua color Up arrow, Aqua color dots, and Blue color dot
  • GMT 102 Green color line
  • GMT 3 Green color bars
  • GMT 106 UpTrend
  • GMT 107 Green color bars
  • Volatility Quality Green line and above 0 level
  • SignalTrend Green  color bars
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SELL Rules


  • GMT 101 Red color Down arrow, and Red color dots
  • GMT 102 Red color line
  • GMT 3 Red color bars
  • GMT 106 DownTrend
  • GMT 107 Red color bars
  • Volatility Quality Red line and below 0 level
  • SignalTrend Red  color bars


EXIT Rules

Trading is a game of probability. This means that every trader will be wrong sometimes. When a trade does go wrong, there are only two options: to accept the loss and liquidate your position, or go down with the ship.

My Logical Method Of Stop Placement

  • Sett your stops on closes above or below specific price levels.

There is no actual stop placed in the trading software – the trade is manually closed out after it closes above/below the specific level.

The price levels used for the stop are often round numbers that end in 00 or 50.


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