Super Effective Forex Trend Line Channel System to Increase Your Trading Profit Potential

Super Effective Forex Trend Line Channel System  – The Best Forex Trading System to Increase Your Trading Profit Potential.  Channels are just another tool in technical analysis which can be used to determine good places to buy or sell. Both the tops and bottoms of channels represent potential areas of support or resistance.


If we take trend line theory one step further and draw a parallel line at the same angle of the uptrend or downtrend, we will have created a channel.

Channel trading is a powerful yet often overlooked form of trading that capitalizes on the tendencies of markets to trend.

It combines several forms of technical analysis to provide traders with precise points from which to buy and sell, put stop-loss and take-profit levels and much more!

Channels are useful for short-to medium-term trading – not long-term trading or investing.

The technique often works best on “FX Pairs” with a medium amount of volatility.

Remember, the volatility determines your profit per trade.

Channeling also tends to work best when the technique is combined with other forms of technical analysis, at which we take a closer look below.

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Forex TrendLine Channel Trading Rules

Forex Trendline Channel System is a trend following system based on the buyers and sellers wit ichi dashboard. This strategy is for trading intraday and for swing trading.

  • Best Time Frame : 15 min, 30 min, 60 min, 240 min, daily.
  • Currency pairs : any.


Metatrader Indicators:

  • SVS Oscillator,
  • Track Signals ( paint bar),
  • SHI Channel True,
  • SDO Dot Sight, (Bands period 20, deviation 2, Power period 13).

Trade only in the direction of the trend following the inclination of the SHI channel true.

BUY Rules


  • SVS Oscillator green and above 0 level,
  • SHI Channel true up trend,
  • Ichi 360 confirm the direction.
  • SDO Dot Sight line green crosses upward line red.
  • BDP BvS V.3, and BvS V.3 Histogram green color.

SELL Rules


  • SVS Oscillator red and below 0 level,
  • SHI Channel true down trend,
  • Ichi 360 confirm the direction,
  • SDO Dot Sight line red crosses upwar ward line green,
  • BDP BvS V.3, and BvS V.3 Histogram red color.
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Exit Position

  • Place initial stop loss 10 pips above/below the channel.
  • Profit Target ratio to stop loss are 1:2 or 1:3


Trend Channels provide a clear, systematic way to tradeIn fact, these simple instruments can show you when to buy and sell, where to place your stop-loss and take-profit points, how to determine the reliability of the trade and how long you should expect the trade to take! Let’s look at how these can be done.

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