Forex QQE Histo : Best Trading System To Instantly Improve Your Technical Trading Skills

Best and Easy Trading System To Instantly Improve Your Technical Trading Skills –  For all those traders who are struggling to make money in the markets each month and are looking for some ideas to get on the path towards profitable forex trading, this one’s for you!.. Forex QQE Histo Trading System.



Qualitative Quantitative Estimation can be used in two directions:

  • determine the trend, i.e. if the line is above the 50 level, the trend is ascending, if below – descending;
  • search for signals at the moment of crossing of the main (bold) and signal (dashed) lines.

Let’s consider the second option in the examples:


The QQE indicator rarely generates false alarms and has virtually no lag, which makes it invulnerable both during periods of increased volatility and during flats with wide amplitude.

Larger timeframes deserve special attention, as you can catch a very strong movement.


Forex QQE Histo Trading Rules


Forex QQE Histo Trading System is a great idea for trading in forex market.

This idea is based on the QQE Histo Smoothed and on the RVI CFB adaptive indicator.

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The setup is very aggressive but easy to use. You can add the filters of the trend for a conservative appoach.

  • Best Time frame : 60 min or higher.
  • Financial Markets : Indicies and Forex.


Metatrader Ondicators

  • QQE Histo Pcm smoothed (5, 14, 0, 5);
  • RVI On Jurik cfb adaptive with oversold levels (-0,2 – 0,3) and overbought levels ( 0,2 0.3).
  • Exponential Moving Average 21 and Exponential Moving Avera 8


BUY Rules


  • EMA 8 upward above EMA 21
  • RVI On Jurik cfb adaptive is below -0.2 level and cross upward
  • QQE Pcm smoothed crosses upward
  • Momentum line upward and above 100 level
  • Signal Trend blue color


SELL Rules


  • EMA 8 down belo EMA 21
  • RVI On Jurik cfb adaptive is above 0.2 level and cross downward
  • QQE Pcm smoothed crosses downward
  • Momentum line downward and abelow 100 level
  • Signal Trend red color


EXIT Rules

Exit position when the QQE PCM Smoothed crosesses in opposite direction or with profit target predetermined.

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Conservative approach add two exponential moving average anf trading only in the direction of the trend. In the Trading System there are EMA 8 and EMA 21.

You can also use other indicats of the trend.


Be Patient

Once you know what to expect from your system, have the patience to wait for the price to reach the levels that your system indicates for either the point of entry or exit.

If your system indicates an entry at a certain level but the market never reaches it, then move on to the next opportunity.

There will always be another trade.

In other words, don’t chase the bus after it has left the terminal; wait for the next bus.

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