Learn Forex Trading – How To Trade Forex with Donchian Channel Trend RSI Trading System

Forex with Donchian Channel Trend RSI Scalping Trading System  – The Donchian Trend RSI Trading system is fairly simple to apply, but is incredibly powerful.

Using a Donchain Channel system is not a new idea.  Donchian channels are used to show volatility, breakouts and potential overbought/oversold conditions for a security.
The Donchian system uses adjustable bands that are set equal to the n-period’s highest highs and lowest lows across a moving average.
The upper and lower bounds of a Donchian channel can also form effective support and resistance levels, particularly when used in combination with other technical indicators.

Donchian Channel Trend RSI Trading Rules

Donchian Channel Trend RSI Trding System based on the Donchian Chanel  and Trend RSI Indicator. The Setting of this indicator is the heart of the scalping and intraday system.

  • Best Time Frame 15 min or higher.
  • Currency pairs : EUR/USD, GBP/USD,.
  • Trading Sessions: London and New York (with time frame 5 min ,15 min, or 30 min).
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Metatrader Indicators:

  • DC Indicator
  • Trend RSI settting: Rsi periods 3, EMA periods 3, ATR periods 9, K 4,236,
  • Arrow indicator: AGTS winner signals,
  • THV4 TZ Pivots.


BUY Rules
  • Arrow buy indicator: AGTS winner signals,
  • trend RSI signal: line above the dots.


SELL Rules
  • Arrow sell indicator: AGTS winner signals,
  • trend RSI signal: line below the dots.

The danger of incorporating Donchian channels into a trading strategy lies in their simplicity. It is very easy to spot a breakout from the upper or lower bounds, but these events are uninformative on their own.
For example, a breakout might indicate the start of a long-term trend, or it may trigger a possible reversal. Donchian channels don’t provide new information; they only allow the trader to visualize information that could easily be obtained other ways.
They are best used as confirmation tools along with other tools of analysis.

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