Trading Made Simple: Forex FSP Aggressive Entry Trend Trading with NIHILIST MAGIC Indicator

Best EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND and SIMPLE Forex FSP Aggressive Entry Trend Trading with NIHILIST MAGIC and super high accuracy trend filter Indicators. If you are looking for the best forex trading strategy then you’ve come to the right one.


Over the years I have seen some incredibly complex trading systems and seen traders who use them, fail with them.

You need a simple system because all you are doing is trading the odds and when trading the odds, a simple system will be more robust with fewer parameters to break.

Trading is a bit like watching waves on a beach when the tide comes in; You know the tide is going to come in its inevitable but as the waves hit the beach and go backwards and forwards, as the tide comes into the shore, each wave is different in terms of how far it comes in and how far it pulls back.

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Forex FSP Aggressive Entry Trend Trading

Forex FSP Aggressive Entry Trend Trading with NIHILIST MAGIC Indicator is an trend following strategy. Only trades in the direction of the trend (remember trend is your friend).

The direction of the trend is determined by the FSP Aggressive Entry Trend Indicator. Blue bars are up trend; red bars are down trend.

  • Best Time Frames: M30, H1, H4, and Daily
  • Recommended Currency Pair: GBPUSD, GBPJPY, EURUSD, UDJPY, EURJPY


MetaTrader Trading Indicators
  • FSP Aggressive Entry Trend
  • Nihilist Magic
  • William’s Percent Range
  • !BySU
  • Ichimoku Tenkan-sen
  • Signal Trend


BUY Rules


  • FSP Aggressive Entry Trend blue color bars
  • Nihilist Magic green color bars
  • William’s Percent Range upward above -50 level
  • CCI NRP red color above 0 level
  • Price above upward Ichimoku Kijun-sen line
  • Upward Ichimoku Kijun-sen line above upward !BySU lines


SELL Rules


  • FSP Aggressive Entry Trend red color bars
  • Nihilist Magic red color bars
  • William’s Percent Range downward below -50 level
  • CCI NRP blue color below 0 level
  • Price below downward Ichimoku Kijun-sen line
  • Downward Ichimoku Kijun-sen line below downward !BySU lines
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Exit Rules and Positions
  • Initial stop loss on the previous swing
  • After 150-180 pips in gain move stop loss at the entry point (M30 and H1 Time Frame)

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