How to Make 1-2% a Day Trading Forex or Bitcoin

How to make 1-2% a day trading Forex with an account size of $500 – $1000.

A 1% daily gain continuously for 365 days on that $500 will make you end up with $18,704. That’s an astounding annual return of 3600%.

A 2% (just 1% more than scenario 1) daily gain continuously for 365 days gives you an annual return of 134,940%.

You end up with over $675,000.

Can you make 1-2% a day trading Forex or Bitcoin or Stock…?

Yes, you can. It all depends on your trading system and strategy.

The thing that makes Forex most attractive to me is the FLEXIBILITY that comes with making money.

  • The amount of risk you take
  • The number of times you trade
  • The sizing of your positions

…are all controlled by you.

Unless you have a VERY NICE TRADING SYSTEM & STRATEGY with the accuracy of at least 80% and good reward-risk ratio, the easiest way to achieve this 1% per day is trading higher time frames for longer runs while cutting your losses as soon as you realize the market was forcing your position.

Just make sure you find a trading system & strategy that really fit with your personality!


Vortex Trend Retracement System


With this Vortex Trend Retracement System, it’s possible for you to distinguish retracements and reversals as they are happening.

You will not be right 100% of the time but you can get it right more often than not.


Earn 1-2% Consistently Every Day

From my experience, you can earn given 2% of let’s say $1000 which is about $20.


Giving yourself a target to meet every day is EXTREMELY STRESSFUL especially when you made a loss on a particular day.


The loss would be brought forward to the next day with the mindset that you would need to earn back twice to meet the target of $20/day.

This could affect your TRADING EMOTIONS and JUDGMENT, worse it could make you impulsive.

Say you used extremely high leverage (x400) with a trade of using $125 if you’re lucky you could earn over 200% each trade on the well-trending market.

But your trading is flawed when it comes to a correction that happens to drop over 50 pips.

Using x400 leverage your trade would be 100% gone when more than 25pips is down.


It’s A Long-run Game

Trust me…!

If someone out there, can make 1% or 2% profit a day consistently, I don’t think forex company needs an Investor or trader.

For example,

If I can make 1% or 2 % how much money I will make in 6 years? yep, big! and a lot!

Of course, you can make 100% in a day! but what about another day ? from my perspective, you can make a big profit with forex, BUT NOT ALL THE TIMES…!


So, in my opinion, the trading game should be trading in a LONG RUN.

You should stick to a strategy and use it consistently even when you make some losses at times.

Always reflect when you make a loss. 

It’s ok to lose when you know how you lost it, it would add up to your experience in trading.

Focus to follow your plan and strategy, NOT your goal for 1% or 2% profit per day.

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