Reliable BBands Stop Forex Trading System With Real Woodie CCI and Precision Trend (Histo) – Indicator for MetaTrader 4

Simple & Easy Forex Trading system. Reliable Highly Effective BBands Stop Forex Trading With Real Woodie CCI and Precision Trend (Histo) – Indicator for MetaTrader 4. This custom version of Bollinger Band indicator is far simpler to trade with comparing to its original.



Using this indicator you will easily get to know in which trend type is the market and opening position is fairly easy following few simple rules, while books could be written around tens of various examples occurring when you use original version (Bollinger Bands).


Precision Trend (Histo) Indicator

A well known “precision trend” indicator – made as a histogram version.

Indicator is similar to some existing indicator, but there are some deviation which makes it justifiable to have it as a separate indicator.

It tends to be a good indicator for trends.

This version is the histogram version of the indicator coloring the histogram bars according to the current “precision trend” state.

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BBands Stop Forex Trading Rules


I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible explaining you how to trade with BBands Stops Trading System.

This BBands Stop indicator clearly shows which trend I’m dealing with.

When the red dots-line is above the price – it’s a downtrend, when the candles are above the blue dots-line – it is uptrend.


BUY Rules


  • The candles are above the blue dots-line
  • Green SDO line above red SDO line
  • Real Woodie CCI blue
  • Precision Trend blue or green histo
  • Signal Trend green color


SELL Rules


  • The red dots-line is above the price
  • Green SDO line below red SDO line
  • Real Woodie CCI red
  • Precision Trend red
  • Signal Trend red color


Trading Note

BBands Stop indicator is simple and easy to use.

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But, it’s true that Bollinger Bands Stop (BBands Stop) indicator is never used alone but in combination with technical analysis.

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