Learn Forex Currency Trading – How to Trade Forex Successfully Use Trend Following System and Strategy

Trend Following – The Most Popular Strategy in all Financial Markets. How to Trade Forex Successfully Use Trend Following System and Strategy – Trend following is perhaps the most popular long-term strategy in all financial markets.

It is exceedingly effective and profitable when the conditions are favorable, is quite straightforward in its methodology, and there are many individuals, past and present, famous or obscure, who have used this strategy to success and riches.

We should note that the technical aspect of trend following is in fact quite simple, but also that it requires, before everything else, discipline, sound money management, and patience from the trader.

Free Download Forex Trend Following System:

  • Cynthia’s_Signal_Entry_Stop.ex4
  • FerruFx_Multi_info THV.ex4
  • GG-TrendBar.ex4
  • Pivot Points Multitimeframe.ex4
  • RibbonTrader.ex4
  • signal.ex4
  • Stratman_MiniChart_v20.ex4
  • Trend Following.tpl


Trend trading made easy


Long Entries :

  1. MACD must be above 0 line.
  2. Price must be above Spat smooth Heinken Hashi
  3. Cynthia entry stop turning from magenta to aqua (always wait for the bar to close and enter on next candle)
  4. Stochastic oscillator pointing up
  5. Look for additionnal informations from GG trendbar, signal, Ribbon trader, FerruFx multi info and Stratman minichart to see how is the trend going on other timeframes
  6. Use the latest swing high for stop loss
  7. Take profit when opposite signal from Cynthia entry stop or just use turtle strategy (it is your choice). You can also use pivot points to take profits.
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In my conclusion, I only use Weekly pivots and I only use Weekly supports and resistances too. My take profits are always based on weekly pivots and not daily pivots

Short Entries: Opposite from long entries.


This system works on any pair, any timeframe.

I personally prefer xauusd, audusd and euraud as they are not as volatile as major pairs, so the risk to touch my stop loss is very minimal. On major pairs, you have to absolutely use the latest swing high or low as stop loss and not the cynthia entry stop as stop loss.

So in this strategy you have the entry, the stop loss and the take profit.

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